Monday, September 10, 2007

Justice and Reconciliation | Martin Luther King Jr. | Murray Marshall

Recent Features:
Justice and Reconciliation at SPU: 1942 and 2004 Associate Director of the SPU Career Development Center Susan Lane and SPU Graduate Katie Stalley share the story of a Japanese-American SPU student who spent time in a Japanese-American internment camp during WWII. February 1, 2005. (38:05)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Chapel Executive Director of the Coalition for Community Development and Renewal Reverend Aaron Haskins poses the question, “Is it possible to fulfill one’s life purpose in a single moment?” January 17, 2006. (28:12)

SPU Classics:
Romans 12:1,2 “A Living Sacrifice” (Part 1 of 3) Pastor Murray Marshall interprets the phrase “a living sacrifice” as the call to be holy and open to serving God. October 4, 1972. (30:27)

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