Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Curriculum Design

SPU Professor of Education Andrew Lumpe addresses the theoretical and practical issues of curriculum design, including philosophies of curriculum, curricular goals and objectives, alternate conceptions and designs of curriculum, process and content possibilities, planning with respect to scope and sequence, and the role of educators in the selection and development of curriculum materials.

Social Forces - Discusses the relationship between social forces and school curriculum. October 8, 2008. (8:09)

Curriculum Design Processes - Addresses the curriculum alignment processes, including horizontal and vertical, pacing guides, and the role of textbooks. October 13, 2008. (9:53)

Curriculum and Instruction - Examines the relationships between what is taught and the instructional methods used. Examines the role of recent school reform efforts including the reading and math wars. October 17, 2008. (7:44)


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