Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Networking and Telecommunications for Educators (EDTC 6434)

Networking and Telecommunications Course Content Director of Instructional Technology Services David Wicks provides an introduction to distance and blended education. Distance education is teaching and learning that takes place where there is physical separation between the instructor and students. Typically, there is also a time separation, meaning that the instructor and students aren't accessing the course at the same time. Blended courses are courses in which there are some online components. For example, there could be online documents such as a syllabus or readings. There could be podcasts, an online gradebook, or online quizzes. A blended course takes place primarily in a face-to-face environment, while taking full advantage of technologies that work well outside of the classroom. Winter 2009.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Biochemistry (BIO/CHM 4362)

Biochemistry Course Lectures: Part Two In this second quarter of a three-part biochemistry series, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Ben McFarland introduces the integration of the chemical knowledge gained about biological systems from fall quarter biochemistry. The major topic, metabolism, is discussed starting with biosignaling and continuing through catabolism, anabolism, and regulation of biochemical pathways. Winter 2009.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Studying the Beatitudes

Blessed are the Hungry Professor of Theology Randy Maddox explores the meaning of communion in relationship with Jesus' blessing of the hungry, encouraging listeners to find in Jesus 'food' for the journey. October 7, 2000. (19:45)

Blessed are the Meek Medical missionary Christine Stine interprets the beatitudes as a call to service, to love and comfort others, especially in their hardship. October 10, 2000. (20:18)

Blessed are the Merciful Michael Muto explores the Gospel's understanding of mercy, arguing that compassionate mercy, not accusation, leads to and comes before genuine change. October 24, 2000. (21:01)

Blessed are the Pure in Heart Associate Pastor of First Free Methodist Church Bonnie Brann Examines the tradition of All-Saints' Day. October 31, 2000. (20:21)

Blessed are the Peacemakers Global humanitarian advocate Robert Seiple argues that peacemaking is an essential part of the Christian identity, including the call to reconciliation and concern for injustice. November 7, 2000. (23:37)

Blessed are the Persecuted Former pastor and Vice President of Church Relations with World Vision Inl. Steve Haas urges the western church to embody the biblical values of the persecuted Church, letting go of the need for comfort and replacing it with God's love. November 14, 2000. (16:39)

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