Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wall | Hall of Fame | Woodward

Recent Features:
Why Jesus? Professor Rob Wall reads and reflects on Acts 3. April 4, 2007. (32:13)

The Falcon Legends Hall of Fame: Orville Anderson Listen to or watch the induction of Orville Anderson, SPU basketball alumnus, into the Falcon Legends Hall of Fame. The inductions of Anita Sartin Barhbaum (track and field), Linda Johnson Cooper (women’s basketball), Frank Furtado (wrestling), V. O. “Bud” McDole (athletic supporter) and are also available on iTunes U. February 2, 2007. (14:20)

SPU Classics:
The People of Promise and the People of Hope: A Response to the American Dream Professor Bill Woodward, two-time Winifred E. Weter lecturer, examines the compatibility of Christianity and the American dream. April 14, 2005. (1:33:01)

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