Friday, November 20, 2009

Evaluation of the Use of Semantic Web Technology in a Collaborative Learning Environment

Evaluation of the Use of Semantic Web Technology in a Collaborative Learning Environment Andrew Lumpe, Professor of Education, and David Wicks, Director of Instructional Technology Services, share their research findings at the SLOAN-C International Conference on Online Learning. In this study, a semantic web tool called Twine was used in a graduate level course for K-12 educators. It was found that collaborative teams using the semantic web application developed higher levels of expertise. October 29, 2009. (32:20)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day of Common Learning 2009: Transformational Leadership

The Day of Common Learning is a campus in-service day during which faculty, staff and students have the opportunity to participate together in a learning community outside of traditional classrooms.

Keynote Address: Transformational Leadership Ronald C. White. Emeritus Professor of American Religious History at San Francisco Theological Seminary. [Video]

Abraham Lincoln: Classical Orator Assistant Professor of Classics Owen Ewald and Associate Professor of Communications William Purcell consider Lincoln in the context of the tradition of classical oratory. [Audio]

Civil Discourse in a Coarsening Culture Ronald C. White, Emeritus Professor of American Religious History at San Francisco Theological Seminary, and Doug Strong, Professor of the History of Christianity and Dean of the School of Theology, address how Lincoln can be a guide for wisdom and witness. [Video]

From Just Paying the Bills to Intentional Living: Leadership Transforming the Off-Campus Housing Experience Associate Director of University Ministries Matthew Koenig and Sharpen Ministry Intentional Living Core students discuss the demographic changes at SPU which find more and more students commuting and how groups of students are responding through innovative forms of Christian community. [Audio]

Lincoln and the Lilacs Professor of English and Director of the Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development Susan VanZanten examines how Walt Whitman captured both Lincoln's magnificence and American grief. [Video]

Lincoln and the Possibilities of Prudential Politics Assistant Professor of Old Testament Bo Lim and Assistant Professor of Political Science Caleb Henry examine why prudential politics is so difficult. [Audio]

The Lincoln/Douglas Debate The SPU Debate Team recreates part of the Lincoln / Douglas debates that helped propel Lincoln onto the national stage. [Audio]

Lincoln on Education Professor of Education Chris Sink explores Lincoln's views on education in light of contemporary perspectives. [Audio] [Video]

Lincoln's Use (and Abuse?) of Presidential Power Professor of History Bill Woodward asks the audience to judge both Lincoln's actions and parallel instances today with regard to five transforming ways Lincoln wielded presidential power. [Audio]

Ode to Joy: Tragedy, Triumph and Transformation in the Life and Music of Beethoven Professor of Music Wayne Johnson looks at how adversity can help create qualities of determination, character and transformative leadership. [Video]

Transformational Leadership: In Practice and in Progress The John Perkins Center and Student Volunteer Coordinators introduce the John Perkins Center model of student leadership development and share stories of growth and engagement from student leaders currently serving in volunteer programs and at various stages along the leadership development continuum. [Video]

Transforming Leadership and the Power of Service Professor of Nursing Kathy Stetz and Assistant Professor of Journalism Rick Jackson discuss how Paul Farmer's journey offers insight for everyone, inside and outside medicine, on how real leadership arises from service anchored in vocation. [Audio]

Transforming Self to Transform Others: Lessons from the Prodigal Father Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology Margaret Diddams walks through the practices necessary to become a transformational leader and the unique types of changes that transformational leaders are most likely to make possible. [Audio] [Video]

U2 and the Future of Transformational Leadership Associate Professor of Christian Ministry Jeff Keuss looks at how U2 provokes leaders of the free world to reconsider everything from immigration policy to debt relief. [Audio] [Video]

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebrating Partnerships

Celebrating Partnerships This video highlights the positive connections between Seattle Pacific University's School of Education and the local community. 2007. (10:51)


Monday, June 8, 2009

Best Teaching Ideas 2009

Creative Presentations for Teachers SPU Assistant Professor of Education and Elementary Placement Coordinator Debby Espinor describes a project that requires her students to create creative presentations that illustrate their individual teaching philosophies. [Audio] [Video]

What Is Truth? SPU Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology Paul Yost outlines his use of a postmodern Cinderella story to examine the importance of varying perspectives in trying to get at truth. [Audio] [Video]

Teaching Grammar by Numbers Instructor of English Misty Anne Winzenried describes her method for teaching grammar to students. [Audio] [Video]

Market Simulation Associate Professor of Economics Doug Downing simulates the fluctuation in the stock market in a classroom where the buying and selling by students changes the value of their stocks. [Audio] [Video]

The Physics Interview Process Assistant Professor of Physics Hunter Close shares about how learning assistants studied how students think about something in physics. [Audio] [Video]

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Content Capture Technologies: Camtasia Relay

Content Capture Technologies: Camtasia Relay Instructional Technology Services Director David Wicks explains how to use Camtasia Relay to create podcasts or webcasts. March 24, 2009. [Audio] [Video]

Content Capture Technologies: Camtasia Relay Instructor Tips Professor of Education Andrew Lumpe explains how he uses Camtasia Relay, including how he plans a content capture. March 24, 2009. [Audio] [Video]

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Micah Challenge

The Micah Challenge National Coordinator Brian Swarts addresses the global issue of poverty, his organization's goals for combating this issue, and ways in which the larger Christian community can join in their efforts. November 20, 2008. [Audio] [Video]

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Networking and Telecommunications for Educators (EDTC 6434)

Networking and Telecommunications Course Content Director of Instructional Technology Services David Wicks provides an introduction to distance and blended education. Distance education is teaching and learning that takes place where there is physical separation between the instructor and students. Typically, there is also a time separation, meaning that the instructor and students aren't accessing the course at the same time. Blended courses are courses in which there are some online components. For example, there could be online documents such as a syllabus or readings. There could be podcasts, an online gradebook, or online quizzes. A blended course takes place primarily in a face-to-face environment, while taking full advantage of technologies that work well outside of the classroom. Winter 2009.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PTEC-Northwest Conference

The PTEC-Northwest Conference, which took place on October 10, 2008 at Seattle Pacific University, was an opportunity for members of the physics education community in the Pacific Northwest to attend presentations by national leaders in physics teacher preparation.

The Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PTEC) is a network of over 100 institutions committed to improving the education of future physics and physical science teachers. It is part of the PhysTEC project, which is led by the American Physical Society, the American Association of Physics Teachers, and the American Institute of Physics.

Role of Colleges and Universities in the Preparation of Future Teachers Monica Plisch addresses the shortage of qualified physics teachers in the U.S. by refining models of teacher education and promoting innovative programs. American Physical Society. (29:52) [Audio] [Video]

The UTeach Model Michael Marder describes the need for better trained high school science teachers and the steps being taken to use the UTeach model in other schools around the country. University of Texas at Austin. (1:01:30) [Audio] [Video]

The North Cascades and Olympics Science Partnership George Nelson details the successes of a yearlong series of science content courses for future elementary teachers developed through PET. Western Washington University. (27:30) [Audio] [Video]

Learning Assistants at CU Boulder Noah D. Finkelstein uses the transformation of science courses as a mechanism for achieving four goals and reports on the successes and challenges of the last five years of the program. University of Colorado, Boulder. (29:19) [Audio] [Video]

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Curriculum Design

SPU Professor of Education Andrew Lumpe addresses the theoretical and practical issues of curriculum design, including philosophies of curriculum, curricular goals and objectives, alternate conceptions and designs of curriculum, process and content possibilities, planning with respect to scope and sequence, and the role of educators in the selection and development of curriculum materials.

Social Forces - Discusses the relationship between social forces and school curriculum. October 8, 2008. (8:09)

Curriculum Design Processes - Addresses the curriculum alignment processes, including horizontal and vertical, pacing guides, and the role of textbooks. October 13, 2008. (9:53)

Curriculum and Instruction - Examines the relationships between what is taught and the instructional methods used. Examines the role of recent school reform efforts including the reading and math wars. October 17, 2008. (7:44)


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Virtual Synchronous Classroom

SPU 2007 Teaching and Technology Grant recipients Ryan LaBrie, Don Peter, and Melani Plett demonstrate the use of Adobe Connect in a university classroom. January 31, 2008.

Part 1 of 3 Ryan LaBrie, Associate Professor of Management and Information Systems (20:47)

Part 2 of 3 Don Peter, Associate Professor of Engineering (9:40)

Part 3 of 3 Melani Plett, Associate Professor of Engineering (24:55)

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2008 Best Teaching Ideas

As part of a campus-wide in-service day, SPU faculty share teaching ideas used in their classrooms. June 2, 2008.

No Blank Walls! No Blank Minds! Professor of Geography Kathleen Braden. (5:31)

Teaching the Atonement: An Inductive Approach Professor of Theology Rick Steele. (13:03)

Self-Grading for Improved Learning Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Melani Plett. (5:58)

A Morning with Comrade Lenin Associate Professor of History Mike Hamilton. (6:49)

Community Service through Interior Design Instructor of Interior Design Beth Miller. (4:47)


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seattle Pacific University on iTunes U: What Are People Saying?

Seattle Pacific University on iTunes U: What Are People Saying? Watch a short video on the impact of SPU’s iTunes U. Created by Jessica Tibbils, Instructional Technology Services Intern and 2008 SPU Graduate in Visual Communications. June 26, 2008. (4:55)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Advances in School Change and Innovation

New Advances in School Change and Innovation [Audio] [Video] Professor of Education Arthur K. Ellis discusses the following educational innovations: cooperative learning, service learning, wikis, reflective assessment, brain science, comprehensive school reform, and constructivism. June 24, 2008. (41:43)


Monday, September 3, 2007

Living on the edge | Reconciliation | Essential element

Recent Features:
Living on the Edge: Doing the Work of Reconciliation Tim Dearborn claims that Jesus didn’t just die for us to be forgiven, he died that all things may be reconciled to God’s purposes. April 4, 2006. (23:31)

The Bible’s Message in an Age of Diversity Bethel University Associate Professor of Reconciliation Studies Curtiss DeYoung points to the Gospel as a model for multicultural reconciliation and defines a Christian university as a place where followers of Jesus Christ live out the ministry of reconciliation both on campus and in the world. October 18, 2005. (23:19)

SPU Classics:
Missions Week (Part 1 of 4) Donald Hoke examines Matthew 13:24-30, emphasizing that Christians are the essential element in evangelism. February 5, 1980. (28:44)

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

SPU Faculty | The Van Duzers | Many stories = one story

Recent Features:
Faith in the Lives and Work of SPU Faculty Professor of Christian Scriptures Frank Spina, Assistant Professor of Sociology Jennifer McKinney, and Professor of Art Laura Lasworth discuss the role of faith in their scholarly work and personal lives. April 18, 2006. (48:33)

Beloved in the Wilderness Dean of the School of Business & Economics Jeff Van Duzer and Former SPU Chaplain & Spiritual Director Margie Van Duzer examine Luke 3:21-22 & 4:1-13, emphasizing that our identity comes from God and he delights in who we are. November 1, 2006. (22:27)

SPU Classics:
Many Little Stories = 1 Story Emeriti Professor of English Joyce Erickson encourages students to use times of doubt about their faith as opportunities to grow, recognizing that their story is part of God’s larger story. May 11, 1983. (20:39)

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Friday, June 8, 2007

Eaton | Six Stories | Sine

Recent Features:
Can Christians Really Change the World? SPU President Phil Eaton challenges faculty, staff, and students to think deeply about the purpose of a Christian university and its influence in the world. November 1, 2005. (25:48)

Six Stories: People Who Are Changing the World This promotional video showcases how SPU faculty, students, and alumni are engaging the culture and changing the world. (15:40)

SPU Classics:
Your Future as Opportunity Tom Sine challenges students to pursue careers and lifestyles that are committed to God’s vision and purposes rather than chase the materialistic American dream. May 8, 1992. (43:14)

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Catford Recital | What Knowledge Is of Most Worth? | 1991 Centennial Video

Recent Features:
Caprice in Passacaille Music Adjunct Julian Catford performs a classical guitar solo at a faculty recital. February 12, 2006. (3:52)

What Knowledge Is of Most Worth? Professor of Education Arthur Ellis discusses the ideas found in Herbert Spencer’s essay “What Knowledge Is of Most Worth” published in 1859. Online course lecture. (33:23)

SPU Classics:
People of a Growing Vision This 1991 SPU centennial video showcases university faculty, students, and alumni and the difference they are making in the world. (13:14)

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Koenig | Lasworth | Schools Without Failure

Recent Features:
A Fall from Grace Part 1: The Fall Instructor of Biblical Studies Sara Koenig examines 2 Samuel 11 which charts David’s fall from grace when he commits the sin of adultery with Bathsheba. April 17, 2007. (18:47)

Demonstration of Illustration Techniques Professor of Art Laura Lasworth demonstrates basic illustration techniques in this video presentation. February 2, 2006. (58:57)

SPU Classics:
Schools Without Failure Former Dean of the School of World Missions at Fuller Seminary Arthur F. Glasser discusses ways in which to motivate students to learn and develop into responsible citizens at the 1970 Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Conference. June 2, 1970. (50:11)

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