Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Peacemakers SPU Professor of Theology Kerry Dearborn describes biblically-informed peacemaking, which is messy and uncomfortable, and provides examples from the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and Jesus' life. March 3, 2009. (26:12)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Business Contributes to Human Flourishing

How Business Contributes to Human Flourishing Dean of the School of Business & Economics Jeff Van Duzer discusses the role of business and the way that business should run to futher God's purpose in the world. January 5, 2009. (35:46)

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Studying the Beatitudes

Blessed are the Hungry Professor of Theology Randy Maddox explores the meaning of communion in relationship with Jesus' blessing of the hungry, encouraging listeners to find in Jesus 'food' for the journey. October 7, 2000. (19:45)

Blessed are the Meek Medical missionary Christine Stine interprets the beatitudes as a call to service, to love and comfort others, especially in their hardship. October 10, 2000. (20:18)

Blessed are the Merciful Michael Muto explores the Gospel's understanding of mercy, arguing that compassionate mercy, not accusation, leads to and comes before genuine change. October 24, 2000. (21:01)

Blessed are the Pure in Heart Associate Pastor of First Free Methodist Church Bonnie Brann Examines the tradition of All-Saints' Day. October 31, 2000. (20:21)

Blessed are the Peacemakers Global humanitarian advocate Robert Seiple argues that peacemaking is an essential part of the Christian identity, including the call to reconciliation and concern for injustice. November 7, 2000. (23:37)

Blessed are the Persecuted Former pastor and Vice President of Church Relations with World Vision Inl. Steve Haas urges the western church to embody the biblical values of the persecuted Church, letting go of the need for comfort and replacing it with God's love. November 14, 2000. (16:39)

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Great Mission in a Groaning World | Native American Contributions to Worship | Christian Commitment Week

Recent Features:
Great Mission in a Groaning World Associate Director for Faith Development at World Vision International Tim Dearborn expounds upon Micah 6:8 and shares about his travels in India, Rwanda, and Cambodia, calling listeners to be seekers of justice. May 17, 2005. (28:38)

Native American Contributions to Worship Member of the Swan River Cree Nation Reverend Ray Aldred shares insights into aboriginal gatherings, describing worship as a communal event, stories as central in communicating a message, and suffering as a natural part of life. November 9, 2004. (25:18)

SPU Classics:
Christian Commitment Week: Luke 8 (Part 1 of 2) Young Life Field Director Robert Mitchell shares the stories of Jesus healing Jairus’ daughter and the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak, encouraging listeners to commit their lives to loving and serving God who cares deeply for us. March 26, 1973. (26:46)

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Locusts and Dreams | Liberty and Justice for Whom? | Life at Its Very Best

Recent Features:
Locusts and Dreams Dean of Wesley Theological Seminary Bruce Birch examines the Book of Joel, proclaiming that God’s spirit enables us to dream dreams in the midst of life’s challenges. March 1, 2005. (18:47)

With Liberty and Justice for Whom? Director of Tierra Nueva Bob Ekblad shares about his work with illegal immigrants and prisoners in Skagit Valley, Washington. April 29, 2003. (25:52)

SPU Classics:
Christian Commitment Week; “Living Life at Its Very Best” (Part 1 of 3) Pastor John Huffman examines Colossians 3:1-17, challenging Christians to live a life of discipline so as to become the people God desires us to be. October 16, 1973. (39:55)

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Justice and Reconciliation | Martin Luther King Jr. | Murray Marshall

Recent Features:
Justice and Reconciliation at SPU: 1942 and 2004 Associate Director of the SPU Career Development Center Susan Lane and SPU Graduate Katie Stalley share the story of a Japanese-American SPU student who spent time in a Japanese-American internment camp during WWII. February 1, 2005. (38:05)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Chapel Executive Director of the Coalition for Community Development and Renewal Reverend Aaron Haskins poses the question, “Is it possible to fulfill one’s life purpose in a single moment?” January 17, 2006. (28:12)

SPU Classics:
Romans 12:1,2 “A Living Sacrifice” (Part 1 of 3) Pastor Murray Marshall interprets the phrase “a living sacrifice” as the call to be holy and open to serving God. October 4, 1972. (30:27)

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Helping others | Restoring relationships | Reasons for hope

Recent Features:
Transforming vs. Conforming Seattle University Professor of Theology Pastor Flora Wilson-Bridges comments on the Hurricane Katrina disaster response and the need for the next generation of leaders to willingly help others regardless of socioeconomic and racial differences. October 4, 2005. (18:13)

Listening for the Call of Christ Founder and coordinator of a volunteer Hutu-Tutsi reconciliation effort in Burundi and Rwanda Prosper Ndabishuriye shares his experiences during the recent civil war in those countries and the efforts taking place to restore relationships between the two tribes. October 11, 2005. (21:56)

SPU Classics:
Reasons for Our Hope Former President of the Conservative Baptist Seminary Vernon Grounds admonishes listeners to care deeply for people and events that transpire in today’s society. October 26, 1973. (32:08)

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Jackson | Newby | Perkins

Recent Features:
Searching for a Prophetic Voice: Press Coverage of the Civil Rights Movement Dr. Rick Jackson examines the role of the media in covering and contributing to the American Civil Rights Movement. January 18, 2007. (56:58)

The Historical Context of Gospel Music Dr. Stephen Newby presents the history of American gospel music, dating back to its earliest forms in the Black church to its present influence in worship today. February 22, 2007. (51:18)

SPU Classics:
A Quiet Revolution Nearly three decades ago, Dr. John Perkins visited the SPU campus to share his personal faith journey and views on the role of churches in serving their neighborhoods. April 5, 1978. (44:42)

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