Monday, November 19, 2007

We Gotta Get Outta Here | Latreia | Thanksgiving

Recent Features:
“We Gotta Get Outta Here” – How Tolkien, Lewis, and L’Engle Help Us Hope Communications Specialist Jeffrey Overstreet talks about growing up with fantasy and fairytales as a source of spiritual truth-telling in a realistic world. 2007 Day of Common Learning. October 24, 2007. (42:53)

Latreia: Worship Through Service SPU Latreia provides opportunities for students to connect faith, action, and community building through one-time service projects. Watch SPU students in action as they participate in Latreia’s November 2007 service day. November 3, 2007. (5:25)

SPU Classics:
Thanksgiving Gathering: Sharing Our Stories Senior Events Coordinator Rebecca (Webb) Wilhite, Professor of Theater George Scranton, and SPU Student Kim Proctor share their personal stories of thanksgiving. November 21, 2006. (18:12)

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Narnia | Radio Drama | Marta Bennett

Recent Features:
Further Up and Further In: Why Adult Christians Need Narnia Associate Professor of Christian Ministry Jeff Keuss encourages the reading of The Chronicles of Narnia as a roadmap for making sense of and growing in the Christian faith. November 10, 2005. (44:37)

Boston Blackie Radio Drama SPU students perform a classic radio drama. June 7, 2006. (3:20)

SPU Classics:
The Drama of God’s Word Marta Bennett invites the Christian community to delve into scripture and become an active player in the ongoing drama of God’s work in the world. February 2, 1983. (20:44)

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Koenig | New SBE Majors Video | Maddox

Recent Features:
A Fall from Grace Part 2: The Grace Instructor of Biblical Studies Sara Koenig examines 2 Samuel 12 and the grace God extends to David after he commits the sin of adultery with Bathsheba. April 24, 2007. (20:31)

2007 SBE New Majors Dessert This SPU School of Business & Economics video introduces new majors to educational, financial, social, and career opportunities available through the school as they pursue their degree. April 17, 2007. (10:40)

SPU Classics:
C. S. Lewis on Hope for the Whole Creation: Do Dogs, Cats, and Even Iguanas Go to Heaven? Professor of Wesleyan Theology Randy Maddox examines C. S. Lewis’ case for animal salvation. January 17, 2002. (1:05:00)

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