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Creative Conversations

Creative Conversations

Come to the Seattle Pacific University Library to hear members of the SPU community share scholarly and creative works in progress. Bring your curiosity and join in conversations about the discovery, creation, and sharing of knowledge.

* Please note, Roger Feldman will be speaking on December 4 instead of November 6. Details below.

Where: Library Reading Room, Main Floor (Wheelchair Accessible)
Cost: Free

Doug Thorpe, English

Thursday, October 30
3–3:50 p.m.

Palestine, Poetry, and the Promised Land: Journeys in the Holy Land

Professor of English Doug Thorpe spent a month of his sabbatical last November in Jerusalem and the West Bank exploring, discovering, meeting people –and, of course, reading.  He’ll share some Israeli and Palestinian poetry as he talks about his brief time in the Holy Land.

Doug Koskela, Theology

Thursday, November 13
3–3:50 p.m.

Calling and Clarity

Young adults often receive mixed messages about vocation from various influences in their lives. These different voices give rise to a number of questions: should I look for the one path God has called me to take, or are there multiple possible paths on which I might live out God’s calling for my life?  Will my vocation make use of my gifts and passions, or—like Moses—will I be called to a task I neither want nor feel equipped to do?  Why do so many characters in the Bible experience a dramatic and unmistakable calling from God, whereas I’m not feeling any direction from God (and could really use some)?  Drawing from his forthcoming book Calling and Clarity: Discovering What God Wants for Your Life, Doug Koskela will explore an approach to vocation that addresses these questions and aims to relieve the anxiety so many people feel about calling.

Karen Snedker and Jennifer McKinney, Sociology

Thursday, November 20
12–12:50 p.m.

Homelessness in Seattle: A Christian University's Response

This project aims to engage our students around issues of homelessness in conjunction with SPU s hosting of Tent City 3 during the winter of 2015. The project is tied directly to new coursework and will allow students to engage with the homeless in a guided and supportive research environment that will allow them to practice, engage, and reflect on their vocations related to faith and sociology.  Using the tools of social science research will allow us as Christian scholars and educators to better understand homelessness in our city and on our campus.  A study of the men and women in Tent City 3 while visiting SPU, and the university response will provide insights into one of the most socially vulnerable sections of our population and our campus perceptions. 

Roger Feldman, Art

Thursday, December 4
3–3:50 p.m.

Language of the Senses

Art doesn’t need to be just about seeing. In graduate school, Professor of Art, Roger Feldman, was introduced to different perceptual processes which included sight, sound, and kinesthetic perception, and was hooked when he realized that as humans, we utilize all of these senses daily. Since then, this has been the basis of his thinking and making - along with the realization that the senses are connected in such a way, that when one sense is diminished, others step in. The interrelationship between the senses has become an important ingredient in his work. In this talk, Roger Feldman will be showing examples that demonstrate this development over time. Art is not just about seeing, it is larger than that!

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