Creative Conversations

Creative Conversations

Come to the Seattle Pacific University Library to hear members of the SPU community share scholarly and creative works in progress. Bring your curiosity and join in conversations about the discovery, creation, and sharing of knowledge.

Where: Library Reading Room, Main Floor (Wheelchair Accessible)
Cost: Free

Stephen Newby, Music

Thursday, October 22nd
3–3:50 p.m.

Creating New Music for “Hosea-An Oratorio”

Through researching and exploring the nature of music for Christian liturgy and a biblical hermeneutic for a theology of worship, Stephen Newby has composed an Oratorio based upon the book of Hosea. For the context of Christian Liturgy, this conversation will discuss how a formal biblical exegesis of the text might fund the creative process of music composition.

Karen Snedker and Jennifer McKinney, Sociology

Thursday, November 5th
3–3:50 p.m.

From Charity to Change: A Christian University Responds to Homelessness

From December 2014 to March 2015, Tent City 3 and Seattle Pacific University came together in the Loop. What were our community's perceptions of homelessness before TC3 came to campus? How did TC3's presence on campus impact our campus? What did our students learn about homelessness and how have they responded? Sociology professors Karen Snedker and Jennifer McKinney discuss findings from the data.

Richard Scheuerman, Education

Thursday, November 12th
12–12:50 p.m.

Help Wanted--World's Seventh Largest "Country" Seeks Ambassadors: Seattle Pacific University and Global Orphan Nation

If the world's orphans--legal and social, were gathered together they would constitute the world's seventh largest country, Global Orphan Nation, yet has no official embassies or ambassadors. Through the dedicated efforts of many agencies and ministries, orphans from abroad are brought to adoptive parents in the West though this often takes place at substantial expense to host families and is not a strategic solution to the problem. Six years ago a group of SPU students affiliated with the "Acting on AIDS" initiative launched an effort with SPU graduate Dr. Anita Deyneka of Wheaton-based Deyneka Ministries to establish "A Home for Every Orphan" to promote indigenous adoption through churches in developing countries. Since this work was established, approximately 8500 orphans have been placed in caring Christian homes in their own homelands.

Bomin Shim, Nursing

Thursday, November 19th
12–12:50 p.m.

Finding Meaning in the Dementia Caregiving Relationship

Bomin Shim will discuss her research on spousal dementia caregivers. Most of the caregiver literature depicts the challenges and negative aspects of dementia caregiving. How do some caregivers describe their experience as meaningful, even in the advanced stages of dementia? How do they describe their relationship with their spouse? Come join the conversation on these delicate but deeply moving stories. 

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