Finding the Full Text

1. Find citation, using a database or an index.

Immediate Access (Available via the SPU Library or the Internet)

2. Check for full text = search for a periodical (by Journal Title or ISSN) in Journals A to Z: 

This will tell you if (and for what years) the Library subscribes to the periodical in any or all of these forms:

3. Check SPU catalog = search for a periodical (by Journal Title or ISSN) in the catalog.
4. Look for the periodical homepage over the Internet. Some respectable journals make at least some back issues available at no charge from their own websites.

Access within one day (Available via a Seattle library)

5. Consult the catalog of another library in Seattle. You may get what you need in an hour or so by making a quick trip across town. 

Access within 5-21 days (Available from another library)

7. Request via ILL = Request the article via InterLibrary Loan. To do this, click within the database on Request via ILL or go to Interlibrary Loan. While most items requested via InterLibrary Loan come within five business days, you should allow as much as two or even three weeks for the ILL process.

Keep in mind that some indices and databases cover articles, chapters, and essays in books as well.  If the item  you seek is in a book, the book may be available in our Library or from one of the Orbis Cascade Alliance Libraries via Summit borrowing.


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