Steve Perisho


Steve Perisho is the librarian for Philosophy
Office:  #128 on the Main Level
Phone:  206-281-2417  |  Email:

Resources at Other Libraries

Bibliographie de la philosophie = Bibliography of philosophy - University of Washington Suzzallo/Allen Stacks Z7127 .B5 (through v. 41, 1994).  From 1954 covered only books, not articles.

Bibliographie Internationale de l'Humanisme et de la Renaissance - University of Washington Suzzallo/Allen Stacks Z6207. R4B5.

International Medieval Bibliography - A University of Washington database.

International philosophical bibliography = Répertoire bibliographique de la philosophie = Bibliografisch repertorium van de wijsbegeerte - Lemieux Library Periodicals, Seattle University (from v. 41, 1991).

Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance - A University of Washington database.

Philosopher's Index - A University of Washington database.

Religious and Theological Abstracts - A University of Washington database.