Using Academic Search Complete

Using Academic Search Premier (ASP)

After completing this tutorial you will

  1. Be familiar with ASC
  2. Know how to search ASC effectively
  3. Be able to refine ASC searches
  4. Know how to locate and obtain copies of articles

This tutorial will take 12-20 minutes to complete, depending on how much time you take to practice using ASC. Follow the 4 Steps shown below.


Step 1

As a multi-disciplinary database, ASC (called ASP or Academic Search Premier in the videos) covers many subject areas, including access to full-text articles from more than 4,600 journals, magazines, and newspapers. Nearly 3,900 of these are peer-reviewed, and most are NOT available for free on the Internet. ASP also is a powerful search engine, allowing you many ways to identify and retrieve articles focused on your topic.

View the three short videos below in the order presented, and then practice what you have learned by using ASC yourself.


Step 2

Getting Started in Academic Search Premier (1:08)


Step 3

Refining Searches in Academic Search Premier (3:48)


Step 4

Getting Full Text in Academic Search Premier (4:54)


Step 5

Providing Feedback

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