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Carrie Fry

Nursing and Health Sciences

Carrie Fry is the librarian for Nursing and Health Sciences.
Office:   130, Main floor of the library
Phone:   206-281-2124

 I. Evidence Based Practice Resources

The above guide offers resources explaining Evidence Based Practice as well as resources for searching for healthcare information at each level of the heirarchy. 

II. Community Health / Healthy People 2020 Assignment

Data Gathering Steps for Community Health / Healthy People 2020 Assignment:

1. Select appropriate objective from Healthy People 2010.

2. Find statistical/demographic data on your topic:
(Note: this is not an exhaustive list of resources, merely a starting place, you can also do additional searching using Google or other search engines to find specific data as you narrow down your needs.)

Government Health Pages:

City/County Health Data:

State Health Data:

National Health Data:

Other Statistical Websites:

Association Statistics Pages:

College and University Health Statistics Pages:

Other Health Statistics Pages:

3. Find statistics on the behavioral risk factors related to your Health People 2010 Objective:

4.Find additional research data by searching the Nursing Literature from the Databases tab on this page.

5. Contact Carrie Fry, Librarian for the School of Health Sciences, if you have problems finding, accessing or interpreting data that you need.