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Thursday, April 17, 2003
 Volume # 1,  Issue # 6
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Senate Briefs

Wait until next week's issue for a full Senate update...

Student Resources
Free Bus Passes: checkout for 5 hour increments at the ASSP Office or Uni-Com desk in the SUB, click here
Discounted Swim Passes: $5 for 5 swims at the Queen Anne Pool. Available at the ASSP Office in the SUB, click here
Martial Sports Passes: $20 for 5 classes. Available at the ASSP Office in the SUB, click here
Seattle Art Museum Passes: ASSP has both free and half price S.A.M. passes they can give to students on a first come, first serve basis.

Contact Info:
For general inquiries please e-mail assp-info@spu.edu or call (206) 281-2126. Click on "ASSP Online" above to visit our regularly updated website.

Quick Links:
ASSP Office Staff


Community News
   Complete the ASSP Survey Today!
   Help Lead The ASSP -- Applications Now Available!


VOTE TODAY!!! sure to cast your vote in the ASSP officer elections today on the Banner Information System (Student Menu-->ASSP Menu-->ASSP Voting). The electronic "polls" are open until 11:00pm this evening. Follow the link to visit the ASSP website to download the ASSP Voter Information packet to help you decide how to vote. Also on the ballot is an initiative to alter the structure of the ASSP Senate. Again, visit the ASSP webpage to learn more about this proposal and how it will affect you. A computer will be set up on the first floor of the Student Union Building tomorrow for easy-access voting. [link]

Complete the ASSP Survey Today!
While you are voting, be sure to complete the ASSP survey which helps the ASSP gauge student response and reaction to the programs and services we provide and gives us ideas for ways we can improve in the future. Everyone who participates will be eligible to enter their e-mail address to be considered for random $50 and $25 prizes! You MUST complete the survey by tomorrow. Click here to login to the survey: [link]

Help Lead The ASSP -- Applications Now Available!
Applications are currently available for the 2003-04 ASSP Public Relations Manager, Treasurer, and Intercultural Director. These compensated executive positions are excellent opportunities for you to get involved in leadership and service to the students. Follow the link to the ASSP webpage and look for the link under "ASSP News" to job descriptions for each of the positions. E-mail assp-info@spu.edu with any questions. Applications can be picked up in the ASSP Office on the first floor of the Student Union Building and are DUE 4/25 by 5:00pm. [link]

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