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Thursday, June 3, 2004
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   Reminder: Keep Computers on at Night
   CIS' Summer Activities
   Enhancing Network Security
   Blessings for a safe, Spirit filled summer!


http://www.spu.edu/CISHelpDesk/wireless/hotspotthumb.jpgDuring spring quarter, CIS installed secure wireless access points in a number of major commons areas on campus. By the end of the quarter, wireless access points will be available in Otto Miller Hall, the SUB, and the new science building. Additional access points will soon be installed in the Library, Weter Hall, and Gwinn Commons. The SPU-managed wireless network supports both 802.11A and 802.11B/G radios. Network access is restricted via the Perfigo login appliance, which requires users authenticate with a valid SPU e-mail address and password.

Importantly, SPU's managed wireless network provides a reliable – and secure – solution through the use of "IPSec" encryption. IPSec establishes a virtual private network (VPN) between wireless computers and the wired network, so that transmissions are encrypted (scrambled) and secure.

For more details on Wireless@SPU, go to any of the hotspots listed above, configure your wireless device to scan for the “SPU-Wireless" (SSID) network, log in with your SPU username (e-mail) and password, and follow the on-screen instructions. The CIS Help Pages http://www.spu.edu/CISHelpDesk will be updated in the very near future to provide more detailed information about current and future plans for wireless networking at SPU.

Reminder: Keep Computers on at Night
CIS' Micro Systems Team reminds you to please keep your University-maintained computers powered on during the evening to facilitate automatic security updates. Bear in mind, however, that sometimes these updates require computers be rebooted. Be sure that you lock your computer before leaving and that you save any recent documents and files so that work is not lost in the event that the computer must be restarted.

CIS' Summer Activities
Departmental plans include a number of essential system upgrades and improvements, including:

  • Upgrading to the latest version of the campus voicemail system;
  • Upgrading spam filtering capabilities;
  • Enhancements to network security in campus residence halls;
  • Replacement of approximately 30% of campus desktop computers;
  • Facilitating a number of departmental website upgrades;
  • … and much, much more!
Service disruptions associated with these planned activities will be preceded by e-mail notification and notices on the CIS Outages page at http://www.spu.edu/CISHelpDesk/outages/index.asp . For additional information on any of these activities, please contact the CIS Help Desk at help@spu.edu (206-281-2982).

Enhancing Network Security
When students return to school next fall, new network security measures will be in place to heighten individual security, enhance network reliability, and increase CIS' ability to quickly diagnose computers with virus infections or other malicious activity. The solution (called “Perfigo") will restrict computer access to the SPU network by requiring that people log in with their SPU e-mail username and password. Network access from residential buildings and from common areas such as the SUB, Weter, and OMH, will be affected by these security measures. (Access from faculty/staff offices, classrooms and labs is already managed through similar login requirements.) The Perfigo appliance has been successfully tested during spring quarter and full-scale rollout will begin in the early summer.

Speaking of Summer…
Please remember that the greatest threat to computer and network security comes from outdated systems. Before reconnecting personal computers to the campus network following vacation or an extended absence, be sure that your computer is up-to-date with the latest critical patches and anti-virus definition files.

Blessings for a safe, Spirit filled summer!
Best wishes from your colleagues at CIS.

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