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Monday, April 25, 2005
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   SPU-Wireless Update
   Student Employment Opportunities in CIS!
   When It Comes to Security, Think Like a Duck
   Spam Update


SPU-Wireless Update
Over the past year, CIS has deployed secure wireless access “hotspots" in major study (commons) areas and select academic classrooms. A "secure" hotspot is created when a CIS-managed access point (AP) is connected to a wired port on the campus network. The resulting wireless connection requires people to authenticate with their network username and password. Once validated, users are granted a secure wireless session through which traffic is encrypted between their device and the network.

Currently, “SPU-Wireless" hotspots may be found in the Bertona and Peterson classrooms, as well as in general commons/study areas in Otto Miller Hall, the SUB, the Science Building, the University Library, Weter Hall, and Gwinn Commons. Coverage into additional classrooms and residence hall study areas will continue for the foreseeable future.

To connect to an "SPU-Wireless" hotspot, go to one of the locations mentioned above, connect to the AP with your wireless device, and go to an uncached web page (one you don't typically hit). The AP will redirect you to a login page; log in with your network (email) username and password. From there you will be prompted to download and configure special encryption software named "Perfigo." After initial installation, connection is easy: simply locate an "SPU-Wireless" hotspot and launch the Perfigo software.

If you have any questions about SPU wireless networking, please contact the CIS Help Desk at help@spu.edu or 206-281-2982.

Student Employment Opportunities in CIS!
Computer and Information Systems has a number of great student-employment opportunities for the summer and 2005-6 academic year. We are currently hiring for openings with the Help Desk, Micro Systems, and Networking/Telecommunications teams. If you are interested in an exciting, on-campus job, please contact the Help Desk at 206-281-2982 or via email at help@spu.edu .

When It Comes to Security, Think Like a Duck
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.

If it looks like an email hoax, comes unexpectedly like an email hoax, and asks private, personally-identifying information, like an email hoax, it probably is an email hoax.

If it looks like a bogus response to your SPU classified ad, comes from a “third party intermediary" like a bogus response to your SPU classifieds ad, and offers you five times as much money as you were asking - like a bogus response to your SPU classified ad, it probably is a bogus response to your SPU classified ad.

If it looks like an insecure wireless access point, allows open and unfettered access like an insecure wireless access point, and doesn't use any security or encryption – like an insecure wireless access point, it probably is an insecure wireless access point.

Spam Update
Spammers are getting more and more creative in crafting messages to get past our email filters. CIS remains concerned about this situation and is evaluating new products to help deal with the nuisance. In the meantime, the best recourse is to simply delete unwanted messages as they arrive.

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