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Tuesday, June 7, 2005
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   Student Technology Fee: Annual Report for 2004-2005
   Graduating from SPU?
   SPU Software and the Graduating Senior: Last Chance at Forever
   Blessings for a safe, Spirit-filled summer!
   Campus Network Security


Student Technology Fee: Annual Report for 2004-2005
The Student Technology Fee was instituted to create additional budget resources to invest in student learning, instruction and academic technology support. This report is provided as feedback to students regarding how the revenue was distributed during the past year.

Classroom Technology Maintenance & Support - $166,800
Microsoft Campus License Agreement - $99,300
Anti-Virus Software License - $8,400
Campus Wireless Network Expansion - $21,100
Academic Student Lab Maintenance & Support - $25,000
Blackboard Software (Online Learning System) License - $38,800
Total Expenses for 2004-2005 - $359,400
Questions or comments regarding the Student Technology Fee may be directed to Dave Tindall ( dtindall@spu.edu ) in Computer & Information Systems.

Graduating from SPU?
Congratulations! So now what happens to your network resources such as email, NetStore and WebSpace? Please bear in mind the following timeframes affecting these resources:

  • SPU email addresses remain available to former students indefinitely; you'll be able to continue using SPU email through the Webmail interface for the foreseeable future.
  • As you move to a new job, your SPU email address may be configured to forward messages to a non-SPU account. Forwarding is configured via the Banner->Computer Resources->Manage Computer Resources menu.
  • If you no longer wish to use your SPU email account, drop us a message at help@spu.edu and we will take the appropriate measures to purge this resource. Before doing so, however, please consider that SPU email remains a viable communication medium between you and your classmates and instructors long after leaving SPU. You are strongly encouraged to keep this resource as a way to stay connected to SPU following graduation.
  • NetStore and WebSpace persist for two years following completion of your last class.
  • A couple of weeks before these resources are purged, you will receive a “Notice of Account/Resource Termination." Please note when you receive these messages that only those resources listed in the message will be lost. This will NOT affect your SPU email.
The aforementioned email notifications only affect NetStore, WebSpace, and privileged computer access accounts. Two years from now, don't be alarmed about your SPU email when you receive NetStore and WebSpace resource termination notices.

SPU Software and the Graduating Senior: Last Chance at Forever
Did you know that your license for popular Microsoft software covered under the SPU campus agreement (CDs available for purchase at the CIS Help Desk) is granted to you forever? When you graduate from SPU, the most current version of the software is yours to keep! The license is good for the most recently installed product and qualifies you for upgrade copies of later software. While you'll have to pay for upgrades, the cost is often significantly less than if you purchase a full-blown version over-the-counter.

After graduation you will no longer be able to take advantage of the license rights granted through the Microsoft Campus License Agreement (MCLA). Get on down to CIS to purchase your CDs before it's too late. Please see http://www.spu.edu/CISHelpDesk/software/index.asp for details; don't let “forever" pass you by!

Blessings for a safe, Spirit-filled summer!
Best wishes from your friends at CIS.

Campus Network Security
CIS would like to extend our appreciation to the many students who paid close attention to keeping their computers updated and virus-free throughout the course of this academic year. Threats to network availability and security will perhaps always be with us; it is only through our combined efforts that crucial SPU on-line resources remain available and secure. Thank you for doing your part!

Despite the good efforts over the past year, however, more needs to be done to ensure a safe network environment. Students returning to school next fall will see some subtle changes to the network login process. In the residential network (ResNet), the Perfigo login will be replaced with the Cisco Clean Access system ("CCA"). This is essentially the same product as Perfigo, just more advanced. (Cisco purchased Perfigo this past year and we'll be updating to the new software and branding this summer.) One added security feature is the use of the CCA client; software that ResNet students will need to install on their computers for network access. CCA also provides new features such as automatic updating, virus outbreak alerting, and automated sign-on.

Many of the ports in study areas and classrooms (connections that currently provide unrestricted access to the network) will also be managed through the CCA secure login process. Access to the SPU-Wireless network will remain in place and secure as it is currently configured. Expect more details on these new network security measures when you return in the fall.

Speaking of Summer…
Please remember that the greatest threat to computer and network security comes from outdated systems. Before reconnecting to the campus network in the fall, be sure that your computer is up-to-date with the latest critical patches and anti-virus definition files. For more details, please see http://www.spu.edu/CISHelpDesk/students/residentialcomputing.asp .

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