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Monday, June 7, 2004
 Volume # 259,  Issue # 18
 Published by Student Life
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Scholarship Opportunities
   Christian Community Credit Union
   Key Bank Take 5!
   ESM of Greater Seattle Scholarship
   Dyzco.com $10,000 Scholarship
   The Women's Century Club


Christian Community Credit Union
Christian Community Credit Union's Focused on the Future Scholarship Program is giving $30,000 in scholarships for the 2004 academic year. The scholarship range from $500 to $2,000 and are open to members of Christian Community Credit Union. Students must be enrolled in 12 credits or more for undergraduate students or 8 credits for graduate and post-graduate students. Scholarship applications can be found in the Student Financial Services office or at the CCCU website at www.mycccu.com. Guidelines for the scholarship are also located on their website. All application materials are due June 15, 2004. If you have questions please contact Glenda at Glenda@spu.edu.

Key Bank Take 5!
You still have two more months to apply online for the Key Bank Take 5 Scholarship! Key Bank took a great scholarship and now they multiplied it by five! Key Bank Education Resources will award $5,000 to one winner in the month of June. That's one more chance for one lucky winner! All you have to do is register sometime before June 30th at www.Key.com/Take5 to win a great break!

ESM of Greater Seattle Scholarship
Employee Services Management of Greater Seattle is pleased to announce their $500 awarded to an undergraduate at the junior level who is completing a degree in an employee-based services and recreation field, including Recreation Management, Leisure Studies, Physical Education, Health & Wellness, or Human R esources. Student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and be registered full-time. Applications can be found in the Student Financial Service office. All materials are due July 12, 2004. If you have any questions please contact Glenda at Glenda@spu.edu.

Dyzco.com $10,000 Scholarship
Dyzco.com announced that a $10,000 scholarship will be given to the winning entrant who answers this essay question, "What Is the Future of Distance Learning?" The winning essay will be judged by a panel of judges, and the essay is based on quality. All entries must be less than 1,000 words. Essays are to be submitted online at www.dyzco.com and all submissions are due by July 1, 2004. If you have questions please contact Glenda at Glenda@spu.edu.

The Women's Century Club
The Women's Century Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to women interested in furthering their education-in the fields of Fine Arts; Music; Medicine or Nursing; or Women's Studies. They are excited to offer a $1,000 scholarship to a financially needy woman who is registered in any one of these programs. Applications can be found in the Student Financial Services office and are due no later than July 5, 2004. If you have questions please contact Glenda at Glenda@spu.edu.

Don't forget, you can find more scholarships by customizing your own search for free at www.Fastweb.com. Also check out the monthly scholarship newsletter that features new and upcoming scholarships by clicking www.spu.edu/sfs/, and remember to come and visit the SFS office to get all the up to date scholarship applications!

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