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Monday, June 5, 2006
 Volume # 388,  Issue # 61
 Published by Student Life
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Scholarship Opportunities
   The NW Next Young Leaders Scholarship
   StraightForwardMedia.com Scholarships
   CAMPUSDOOR Scholarships
   Ethnic Awareness Committee Scholarship


The NW Next Young Leaders Scholarship
There are 2 scholarships available to eligible students entering into their junior or senior year at a four year accredited institution in Western Washington. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required as well as demonstrating civic or community leadership skills. More information about The Northwest Next Leaders Council can be found at www.nwnext.org. Applications can be found in the SFS office located in lower Demaray. Applications are due by July 1st. If you have questions please contact Whitney Kruse at krusew@spu.edu

StraightForwardMedia.com Scholarships
StraightforwardMedia.com is offering three scholarships for students majoring in business, a medical related field, and communications. **Each discipline is a separate scholarship. All you have to do is be majoring in one of those three disciplines and visit their website to apply. Applications must be sent in by June 30th. The websites are listed are as follows: Communications: http://www.straightforwardmedia.com/media/ Medical Profession: http://www.straightforwardmedia.com/medical-professions/ Business: http://www.straightforwardmedia.com/business-school/

CAMPUSDOOR Scholarships
Apply online today for one of the 100 scholarships available to college students from Campus Door. Each scholarship is $1,000! Visit their website at www.campusdoor.com/scholarship to apply!

Ethnic Awareness Committee Scholarship
Ethnic Awareness Committee Scholarship This scholarship if offered by the Washington Financial Aid Association (WFAA). This scholarship is designed to make higher education more accessible to promising students of color. This is a one year $1,500 scholarship. Eligibility for this scholarship includes: strong leadership ability, academic promise, maintaining a 3.0 GPA minimum, and demonstrate financial need as determined by the 2006-2007 FAFSA. Applications are available in the SFS office and are due by June 19th. If you have any questions please contact Whitney Kruse at krusew@spu.edu.

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