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Publication Schedule:
* Loopy is published on Mondays to SPU students.
  * University Ministries News is published on Mondays to SPU faculty, staff, and students.

* Fac/Staff Bulletin is published on Mondays to SPU faculty and staff.

Step 1 - Guidelines for posting

Guidelines for Posting:

  1. Campus Events and Announcements - Only campus-sponsored events, activities and announcements will be included in the electronic publications. Campus sponsorship must be by a department, organization, or club. Off-campus events are not generally included.

  2. Only Official Announcements - Submission of events and announcements should be made only after the event is approved by the sponsoring organization and the details are finalized. Submission of items should be made by an official representative of the sponsoring organization.

  3. For Sale Items, Off-Campus Housing, Want Ads - These types of items are not published in Loopy or in the Fac/Staff Bulletin.

  4. Submit Well in Advance - Once an item is submitted it will be reviewed and approved prior to being included in a electronic publication (see below for the publication schedule). It is recommended that you submit your items by the due dates listed below to allow sufficient time for the item to be reviewed and approved.

  5. Not All Events Will Be Listed - In order to maintain a manageable number of items in the electronic publications, judgment will be used to decide whether an item will be included or not. Some items that have a narrow audience or interest WILL NOT be included.

  6. Items May Be Modified - The publication editors may modify the descriptions or other information that is submitted to improve consistency, clarity, and format.

  7. Items Will Only Be Posted ONCE - Items included in the electronic publications will generally be posted only one time. There are separate editorial processes for the different publications. If your item is clearly directed to BOTH students AND faculty/staff audiences, post separate items to each editor.

  8. Departmental Job Postings Are NOT Allowed - In fairness to all campus departments, individual departmental job postings are not allowed in the electronic publications. The Student Employment Office can list your student-job openings and Human Resources can list your staff position openings.

  9. Special Announcements or Messages - There is occasionally the need to distribute a message to campuswide lists separately from Loopy or the Fac/Staff Bulletin. These messages must be approved by University Communications and require assistance from them for distribution. For more information, campus departments should call their communications specialist or call 206-281-2051.

  10. PLEASE PROOF READ - Please review your item prior to submission to make sure it includes the proper time, place, cost, and audience.

Any questions about these policies and procedures should be sent to the publication editors.

Step 2 - Select a List (if your item is clearly directed to BOTH students and fac/staff, you must submit the item twice -- once to each list. You may wish to modify the message based on the intended audience.)

Loopy (online version) - students only!
* Posted on Monday - items due by noon on Thursday.
* Upcoming SPU events and important policy information.

University Ministries New (online version) - SPU Faculty, Staff and Students.
* Posted on Mondays - items due by noon on Thursday.
* Upcoming ministry events directed at faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty/Staff Bulletin (online version) - faculty and staff only!
* Posted on Mondays - items due by noon on Thursday.
* Announcements directed at faculty and staff, professional accomplishments, events and deadlines of faculty and staff interest.

Pub. Date: (Date of desired publication, generally only once.)

Step 3 - Tell Us Who You Are (for internal use only)
Submitter: e.g., Firstname Lastname
Email: e.g., username@spu.edu

Step 4 - Tell Us About Your Event/Item (what you want published)
Subject: e.g., The "subject line" / heading for your item
Sponsor: (Campus department, group, club or organization)
Contact: e.g., Joe Doe, Computer and Information Systems, jdoe@spu.edu, (206)281-2982

e.g., Enter your announcement exactly as you want it to appear. Include appropriate contact information with full telephone number and / or e-mail address. Double check for errors, typos and completeness. Use "cut and paste" if you want.



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