{ The COLLEGE REPUBLICANS CLUB of Seattle Pacific University }


This is the World Wide Web server for the College Republicans of Seattle Pacific University. We are a club still in the process of early genesis, and therefore don't have everything put in its place yet. However, because of our simple governing and politically right minds, we are overcoming all evils.

Within this server are links to just about every piece of information on our club, including our Constitution. There are also links to various other right resourses on the Internet.

Please look around and then send an E-Mail to me with your comments. Thanks for checking out this page, and may your paths through the tangled forests of politics be paved with the logic of conservativism!


What's available within this Server...


The College Republicans Home-Page Usage Statistics
From this link you can check out all the usage statistics for these HTML pages. This includes who, when, where, and what happened on everything every week for the past few months. It also has some cute graphs too.