Staff Council

Staff Member of the Month Archive

Nominated by their peers and selected by Staff Council, the staff members below exemplify service to the University, showing leadership in their staff role and elsewhere.

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Lynne Hall Lynne Hall
June 2018

Teresa Lewis Donna Coombs
April 2018

Teresa Lewis Teresa Lewis
February 2018

Lindsey Peterson Lindsey Peterson
December 2017

Jody JohnsonJody Johnson
October 2017

Valerie Conner Valerie Conner
August 2017

Kimberly Petersen Kimberly Petersen
June 2017

Judy Flathers Judy Flathers
April 2017

Elaine Stevens Elaine Stevens
Febuary 2017

Gustavo “Gus” Carbajal Gustavo “Gus” Carbajal
December 2016

Carlie Curlee Carlie Curlee
September 2016

Bobbie Childers Bobbie Childers
July 2016

Shawnda Antonucci Shawnda Antonucci
May 2016

Amanda McGovern Amanda McGovern
March 2016

Kyle Gough Kyle Gough
January 2016

Mark Moschetti Mark Moschetti
November 2015

Jobe Korb-Nice Jobe Korb-Nice
September 2015

Michelle McFarland Michelle McFarland
July 2015

Clint Kelly Clint Kelly
May 2018

Alexis Cruikshank Alexis Cruikshank
March 2018

Mark Sullivan Mark Sullivan
January 2018

Carla Orlando Carla Orlando
November 2017

Lori Honts Tongol Lori Honts Tongol
September 2017

John Larson John Larson
July 2017

Jason Herrman Jason Herrman
May 2017

Jasmine Hairston Jasmine Hairston
March 2017

Joan Teeter Joan Teeter
January 2017

Amy Foster Amy Foster
November 2016

Sue Martin Sue Martin
August 2016

Julie Bukowski Julie Bukowski
June 2016

Andy Samuel Andy Samuel
April 2016

Katie Bennett Katie Bennett
February 2016

Karen Altus Karen Altus
December 2015

Samantha Davis Samantha Davis
October 2015

Dani Richmond Dani Richmond
August 2015

Ronda Reid and Laurie Mendes Ronda Reid and Laurie Mendes
May/June 2015