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SPU staff members of the month are nominated by their peers and selected by Staff Council. If you would like to nominate a person for this recognition, proceed to the nomination page.

Meet the SPU Staff Member of the Month for August 2017

Valerie Conner

Manager of University Welcome Team in University Recruitment and Admissions
Hometown: Sequim, Washington (mostly)

Meet Valerie ...

How long have you been at SPU?

Four-and-a-half years as staff.

Tell us about a good day at work.

Every day is different! But some of the things I love most are: having long conversations with prospective students about how great SPU is; helping my intern team develop professionally and learn great customer service; making frustrated callers feel heard and cared for; and brainstorming recruitment ideas with my amazing co-workers.

How does your faith impact your work?

It’s wonderful to work in a place where colleagues can support one another spiritually, as well as professionally. And working on the Welcome Team (aka customer service), we get to learn a lot about giving and receiving grace! I am always amazed at the peace, love, and graciousness displayed by SPU students and staff, even in really difficult situations. I think that’s a direct result of our Christian identity.

Tell us the piece of your life journey that brought you to Seattle Pacific?

I originally attended my undergrad studies at SPU, because I felt a strong calling to this place. I loved my four years here in the English program, and was involved in a variety of programs and activities. After I graduated in 2011 and worked for a couple years downtown, I was excited to return as a staff member at the place that had meant so much to me as a student.

Working in Admissions is perfect, because I regularly get to tell stories about my SPU experiences!

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?

Spending time with my family and friends, and experiencing new things about Seattle. After living here for 10 years, I’m still surprised at all the new things we find: theaters, museums, music venues, restaurants, and urban hikes.

What’s something that few people know about you?

I played the French horn in an indie rock band for four years during and after college! I still enjoy dusting off my French horn every once in a while to play for church.

Editor’s note: you can listen Valerie’s band here.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

It’s a tie between my amazing co-workers who are super hardworking, supportive, and empowering, and my student-intern team who I get to see grow and develop into fantastic young professionals.

What’s the most important thing that you’d want people to know about you?

Even though I am sometimes very quiet, I am actually an extrovert! If I have met you, I most likely want to be best friends with you, so just let me know if you want to grab lunch :)

Please join Staff Council in congratulating Valerie Conner as August Staff of the Month!