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Award History

Non-Exempt Staff Member of the Year Award

Mr. Oral V. Hemry served faithfully as an employee of Seattle Pacific College for nineteen years (1956-1975). During his tenure, Oral served in many different positions, including Business Office Manager, Controller, and Director of Personnel.

On May 25, 1982, the President’s Cabinet established the “Oral V. Hemry Non-Exempt Staff Person of the Year Award” to posthumously honor Mr. Oral Hemry. His widow, Helma, through her generous gift to Seattle Pacific, helped to recognize Oral Hemry’s support and involvement with the non-exempt staff.

This award recognizes the non-exempt staff person who best personifies Seattle Pacific University. It is given on the basis of a person’s leadership abilities, spiritual commitment; relational skills with co-workers and students; initiative; and overall work quality.

Exempt Staff Member of the Year Award

The Exempt Staff Member of the Year award been given to a deserving exempt staff person for more than 30 years. It is granted on the basis of a person’s sincere commitment to Jesus Christ; competence and expertise in his/her job; support of and loyalty to SPU and its values; demonstrated concern for students and/or peers; leadership at SPU and in the broader church, civic, and/or professional communities; and stewardship of time, talents and resources.

Nominate a deserving SPU staff member for one of the Staff of the Year Awards. (Nominations closed for the 2016 Staff of the Year award.)

Staff of the Year Archive

Year Non-Exempt Exempt
2015 Lindy Pearson Niki Amarantides
2014 Mia Hays Marci Walden
2013 Mike Cawlfield Mike Potratz
2012 Julie Harrington Jason Stoops
2011 Carol Clement Leigh Hopkins
2010 Robin Maass Kathy Henning
2009 Tiffany Shelton John Mansfield
2008 Caenisha Warren Karen Jacobson
2007 Kathy Hefner Tami Anderson-Englehorn
2006 Laurie Mendes Frank Kinard
2005 Agnes Baah Sue Perrin
2004 Shelley Westerman Brad Gjerding
2003 Lindsey Peterson Jean Brown
2002 Erika Mariani Randall Hashimoto
2001 Nancy Rock Mary Jane Allen
2000 Pam Regnerus Sharon Fernandez
1999 Nonie Ferris Clint Kelly
1998 Peggy Swanstrom Dee Tindall
1997 Charlene Herman Jennifer Gilnett
1996 Jeff Daley Kathleen Abbott
1995 Cora Campbell Mary LaTourelle
1994 Jackie Nolte Kim Gilnett
1993 Carla Bradley John Glancy
1992 Jackie Hancock Steve Hul