Staff Council



Staff Council was established in 1993 and was one of numerous efforts Seattle Pacific made at that time to promote unity among, and to lessen disparities between, the two groups of staff – “classified” (today referred to as non-exempt), and “professional” (exempt). Other efforts included utilizing one designation for all staff members, combining all staff into one compensation system, eliminating some of the differences in vacation leave policies, and combining the staff handbooks. Staff Council replaced a board made up solely of “classified” staff and today includes both non-exempt and exempt employees. Throughout the years, the goals of Staff Council have remained the same: to provide a centering place for all staff, to create a sense of community across department lines, and to provide a convenient way for the Administration to get advice from staff on a variety of issues.


Staff Council is a representative body through which members of the Seattle Pacific University staff may be informed, give input, receive recognition and grow professionally. The Council serves as a liaison between the staff and administration, and seeks opportunities for open communication with the SPU Community.