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Year One Residency I MFA 6210 Workshop I 3 credits
  Residency I MFA 6100 Art & Faith 3 credits
  Quarter 1 MFA 6410 Tutorial I 6 credits
  Quarter 2 MFA 6420 Tutorial II 6 credits
  Residency II MFA 6220 Workshop II 3 credits
  Residency II MFA 6310 Craft I 3 credits
  Quarter 3 MFA 6430 Tutorial III 6 credits
Year Two Residency 3 MFA 6230 Workshop III 3 credits
  Residency 3 MFA 6320 Craft II 3 credits
  Quarter 4 MFA 6440 Tutorial IV 6 credits
  Quarter 5 MFA 6450 Tutorial V 6 credits
  Residency 4 MFA 6240 Workshop IV 3 credits
  Residency 4 MFA 6330 Craft III 3 credits
  Quarter 6 MFA 6460 Final MS Tutorial 6 credits
Year Three Residency 5 MFA 6250 Workshop V 3 credits
  Residency 5 MFA 6500 MS & Reading 1 credits

It is possible to study two genres in our program, but only under certain conditions. First, prospective students must successfully apply and be admitted to the program in a single genre. Then, after a year of study (and if the student is in good standing) it is possible to apply to study a second genre. If that application is successful, the student will focus on the second genre in a third, full year of study in the program. Therefore, we only accept new applicants to our program in a single genre.