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This MFA program is fabulous. In fact, it is a bit of a coup.
Annie Dillard
Pulizer Prize-winning author, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

There is no comparable program in the country to this one, and as a Christian and a writer who has published four books and numerous essays and articles in the field of spirituality, I know there is a desire and need for such a program.
Dan Wakefield
Department of English
Florida International Univeristy

I appreciate the program's fundamental commitment to the canon of Western Christian literature, its opportunities for mentoring, its judicious blend of courses in literature and courses in craft.... I believe that Seattle Pacific University is strategically positioned, by way of its size, its reputation, its association with Image, the strength of its English faculty, and the vitality of its campus life, to move forward in this way.
Dr. James C. Schaap
Department of English
Dordt College

We've seen such a profusion, a baby-boom of MFA programs, but I don't know of any born from the need for literary excellence from a Christian foundation. Maybe the best measure for the need for this program is the fact that names keep popping in my mind — people who would be a perfect match.
Julianna Baggott
MFA Program
Florida State University

I'm impressed by the depth and breadth of the reading program and by the broader principle that writing ought to be about something—not, by any means, exclusively the concerns addressed by religion. Writing ought to unashamedly grapple with creation and our place in it. It strikes me that the low-residency aspect of the program is a further advantage in this regard: it asks its writers to remain rooted in their own communities rather than remove themselves into some sort of hothouse of literary production.
Robert Clark
Author, Love Among the Ruins
Seattle, Washington

Your program is carefully constructed, attentive to the quality of the diploma, and likely to attract an interested and talented student population.
Ron Hansen
Author, Mariette in Ecstasy

For Seattle Pacific University to initiate the degree of Master of Fine Arts is both a major step forward for the University and a natural outgrowth of its ongoing program to penetrate and influence culture.... SPU will make a substantial contribution to Christian community, which badly needs encouragement in the arts as an expression of our Creator's mandate to create in his image.
Luci N. Shaw
Author, Writer in Residence
Regent College