Academic Dismissal and Reinstatement

After being placed on Probation Level 2, students have one more quarter to improve their academic standing. After this quarter, if a student‘s SPU GPA is still below a 2.0 and the quarterly GPA was not a 2.3 or higher, the student will be academically dismissed.

  • The student will be notified by email by Student Academic Services.
    • Housing, Student Financial Services, and faculty advisors are included in this message
  • The academic dismissal will be noted on the student’s academic record.
  • The student will be dropped from the next quarter’s classes.
  • An academically dismissed student can apply for reinstatement after one quarter.

Academic reinstatement

Students who have been academic dismissed can petition for reinstatement after at least one quarter of absence. Students interested in petitioning for reinstatement should work closely with their academic counselor.

Petitions have the following deadlines:

  • Autumn Quarter: September 1
  • Winter Quarter: December 1
  • Spring Quarter: March 1
  • Summer Sessions: June 1

Reinstatement Petitions (PDF) are available and require the following:

  • Supporting statement from a recent instructor.
  • Statement from the student.
  • Academic plan.
  • Unofficial transcript, especially if the student has completed work outside of SPU.

If the student is reinstated, he or she will be restricted to a minimum of 13 credits and remains at the same probation status as when he or she left.

A reinstated student will be dismissed if he or she fails to attain either a quarterly GPA of 2.3 or higher or a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above by the end of the first quarter back.

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