Success Stories

At Vital Information Technology, Brad Etsby is learning what it’s like to communicate with clients daily, work with complex systems, and adapt to dealing with different clients’ networks. He’s already confident that this will lead to bigger opportunities down the road. And he’s doing this while studying at SPU.

Cheyenne Motes was surprised when Student Financial Services became one of her favorite campus departments. “I was honestly surprised at how helpful and giving SFS was with their time and efforts,” she says.

Working at Fremont Abbey, Cody Kilpatrick finds that “The potential gain of life experience, job opportunities, and cultural and philosophical development far outweigh the risk of a slightly longer commute or the inconvenience of an off-campus job.”

Michaela Hope found an off-campus job behind the scenes in health care, and made a wider net of connections than she had anticipated. What’s more — she’s found that her employer was extremely supportive of her studies.

Tara Rasing compared the amount of aid she’d receive from a public school versus what she could be awarded at a private school. SPU came out on top — and now Tara encourages others not to be afraid of the price tag.