Meet Brad: An SFS Success Story


Brad Estby, an SPU student with a major in professional studies, is already working for a consulting firm in his chosen field — the IT industry. At Vital Information Technology, he’s learning what it’s like to communicate with clients daily, work with complex systems, and adapt to dealing with different clients’ networks. He’s already confident that this will lead to bigger opportunities down the road.

And he’s doing this while studying at SPU, majoring in professional studies, with a minor in business administration.

“Working on campus is great for the convenience of things,” says Brad, “but working off campus allows you to network with other people in the field.” His boss is “incredibly supportive” of his studies, and gives him the time he needs during finals. “He realizes the importance of an education in today’s world,” Brad says.

From experience, Brad recommends that students look into employment opportunities no matter how small the company might be. “You never know when you might find a diamond in the rough like I did,” he says. “My co-workers mentor me and offer all the guidance I need to be successful in the IT world.”