Meet Cheyenne: An SFS Success Story

Cheyenne Motes

Name the financial aid, and Cheyenne Motes probably knows about it. From loans to grants, work study to scholarships, this psychology/creative writing double major has worked closely with Student Financial Services to make the most of every opportunity. And some of her college money has even arrived as a happy surprise, without warning.

“I had hoped I would get a lot of funding,” she explains. “I was surprised when I randomly had a scholarship tacked on last year. Then this year when the scholarship was gone, my grants and scholarships through the school compensated for the loss. My finances worked out.”

Cheyenne, who comes from a family of seven kids, says she was also surprised at how pleasant it was to deal with SFS. “I was honestly surprised at how helpful and giving SFS was with their time and efforts,” she says. “Everyone I’ve talked with is genuinely welcoming.”

So every year Cheyenne meets with her assigned financial aid counselor, who explains the technicalities of things like origination fees, interest rates, the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans, or even the availability of the latest scholarships. For Cheyenne, the numbers do add up.

“I always feel so safe coming into SFS,” she says. “They are one of my favorite departments. They are helpful, encouraging, and willing to work with you every step of the way. They give help where it is needed by answering questions you don’t ask.”