Meet Cody: An SFS Success Story


Cody Kilpatrick, a music technology and music composition double major, jumped when he found an opportunity to serve at Fremont Abbey, just a few minutes’ drive from SPU’s campus.

The Abbey hosts arts and cultural experiences for all ages, drawing crowds with events that feature local music, contemporary dance, visual art, spoken word, and storytelling. Cody embraced a chance to manage web updates, social media promotion, web page production, and ticketing, and he helps curate, mix, and produce their podcasts. He enjoys doing research on technology, the bands the Abbey brings in, “and lots of random stuff too.”

He was delighted by the Abbey’s support of his studies. “The abbey is amazing about that. It’s unreal; I’m amazed at their ability to call audibles on my schedule.”

Parents, he says, would do well to encourage their college-bound students to pursue opportunities like these. “You’re sending your student to an incredibly colorful city with opportunities that extend far beyond what you can predict. The potential gain of life experience, job opportunities, and cultural and philosophical development far outweigh the risk of a slightly longer commute or the inconvenience of an off-campus job.”