Meet Michaela: An SFS Success Story


At the SPU Job Fair, freshman Michaela Hope had handed out every copy of her résumé but one. Then she found herself at a booth for the UW’s Oncology and Radiation Research Lab, and thought, “I don’t have any chance of getting this position, but … what the heck?” Soon she had a job learning about what goes on behind the scenes in health care, and making a wider net of connections than she had anticipated.

What’s more — she’s found that her employer was extremely supportive of her studies.

“I’ve been allowed to make my own schedule each quarter depending on my academic commitments, and have always been able to choose my time off around finals, breaks, or time out of town. When I’ve been sick, I’ve been able to stay home. I’ve also been given abundant grace in my mistakes, whether they’ve had to do with scheduling or my work in the office. My supervisor has told me multiple times that I am most importantly a student, and that my commitments to that role must supersede my commitments to this work position.”

Even her commute is to her advantage: She checks out a free bus pass from Seattle Pacific’s ASSP office, and she’s on her way. In her words, it’s “super easy and super free.”