Meet Tara: An SFS Success Story

Tara Rasing

Tara Rasing admits she was a little intimidated at first by the advertised price of a private college education, especially since she was faced with paying her own way. But even while still in high school, that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Instead, she did her research, carefully comparing the amount of aid she might receive at a public school, as opposed to a private school. She weighed her options against funding opportunities, factored in her family situation, and sought out the best route to her goals. She ended up at SPU.

Today this junior global development major from Lawrence, Kansas, hopes to graduate in 2017 and work with a nonprofit that promotes public education. She’s also considering law school on her way to becoming a child advocacy lawyer.

“SFS and financial aid are making college possible,” she says. “I could not have done it without the help from SFS and my financial aid package.”

What words of advice does she have for others in her situation? “I would tell them not to be afraid of the ‘price tag’ of SPU,” she says. “Fill out the FAFSA as soon as it comes out, along with any other forms that are necessary. Apply for as many scholarships as possible, every year. And work hard.”