Do you need to fill out and submit forms to Student Financial Services? You’ll find them all here. Just print out the PDF of the form you need, sign it, and return to Student Financial Services in person, by email (scanned and sent to, by mail, or faxed to 206-281-2835.

Not sure which form you need? Check the SFS requirements page in Banner or contact Student Financial Services at 206-281-2061.

  • If you need student employment forms, they are here.
  • If you need loan documents, they are here
  • Perkins Extension Act Disclosure: Notification will be sent to your SPU email account when the Federal Perkins Loan Disclosure Statement under Federal Perkins Loan Program Extension Act of 2015 is available for your review.
2017–18 Student Financial Services forms
  1. Birthdate / Name / SSN Verification Form
  2. Child Support Paid Verification Form
  3. Citizenship Information Sheet
  4. Dependency Override Appeal
  5. Dependent Household Size Form
  6. Dependent Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Verification Form
  7. Financial Aid Revision Request Form
  8. Graduate Student Employer Reimbursement Policy
  9. Homelessness Status Verification Form
  10. Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
  11. Independent Status Verification Form
  12. Independent Household Size Form
  13. Independent Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Verification Form
  14. IRS Data Retrieval Instructions
  15. IRS Nonfiling Verification
  16. IRS Tax Return Transcript Request Instructions
  17. Legal Dependent Statement
  18. Loan Reduction or Cancellation Request
  19. Marital Status Change Appeal
  20. Master Conditions of Financial Assistance
  21. Parent Additional Financial Information Form
  22. Parent Asset Confirmation Form
  23. Parent Tax Filer Status & Income Form
  24. Parent Nonfiler Income Form
  25. Parent Income Verification Form
  26. Parent W-2 Verification Form
  27. Post-Baccalaureate/Graduate Information
  28. Selective Service Information Sheet
  29. Spouse Tax Filer Status & Income Form
  30. Spouse Nonfiler Income Form
  31. Spouse W-2 Verification Form
  32. Student Additional Financial Information Form
  33. Student Tax Filer Status & Income Form
  34. Student Nonfiler Income Form
  35. Student W-2 Verification Form
  36. Students Without Parental Support
  37. Student/Spouse Asset Confirmation Form
  38. Student/Spouse Income Verification Form
  39. Summer Aid Application
  40. Undergraduate & Post-Baccalaureate Student Employer Reimbursement Policy
  41. Untaxed Income Form
  42. Washington State Student Achievement Council Student Directive for Disbursement of State Student Aid
Undergraduate Financial Aid Checklists 

Print a copy of the checklist you need to make sure you are on track for next Autumn Quarter.     

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