Meet Justeene

Admissions job: As an admissions counselor, I’m a resource and guide for prospective and current students. My goal is to provide person-centered support for each student, and to ensure (within my capabilities) that individual needs are met — or at least given another resource. Consider me your cheerleader and mentor as you enter the field of higher education!

Hometown: Born in northern California, raised in Seattle

Education: Mariner High School; Seattle Pacific University (BA, Sociology)

Favorite Seattle Restaurant: I don’t have a favorite restaurant, but I love seafood and Seattle has a ton of great seafood restaurants, especially along the waterfront.

A trip I’d like to take: My current bucket list calls for me to touch every continent at least once, but I am especially excited for a trip to the Philippines!

Family: My family is AMAZING! My incredible mom raised me and my two wonderful siblings, and my older brother and sister have blessed me with five beautiful nieces and nephews. My boyfriend Shay (my partner in crime) and I share a “fur baby”—our dog named Ace Boogie.

Books I’m reading: Love: What Life Is All About, by Leo Buscaglia

Favorite Movie: I could never choose ONE favorite movie, but one of my favorites is Brown Sugar. I love comedies and a good love story.

Hobbies & Fun Facts: Hobbies—I love hands-on activities, sports, fitness, art, music, and really anything recreational. Fun fact—Tracy McGrady is my all-time favorite basketball player!

How diverse is SPU, and what was it like for you as a student of color?
SPU is diverse in many ways and we are always looking into other avenues to increase diversity — whether academically within the faculty, and in their vast backgrounds and professional experiences, or in the numerous clubs on campus that focus on culture. During my time as a student at SPU, I received an invaluable amount of support that I do not think I could have found anywhere else. Starting with Early Connections, to getting connected to campus clubs and eventually leading one, and also connecting to the community through internship opportunities. SPU is a place where I truly felt empowered.

How did your faith change while you were at SPU?
My faith became intentional. Although I grew up with a strong spiritual foundation, my commitment was immature. SPU provided a platform for me to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with God through community. This happened in classrooms as we submerged ourselves into Scripture, learned about other denominations and religions, and had conversations that not only supported my ideas, but also challenged them. I received a great deal of guidance from advisors and professors who also encouraged my growth during times of confidence and moments of uncertainty. My time at SPU was a start of true development.

Why did you choose to continue to work at SPU after graduation?
As a student, I was able to experience firsthand all that SPU had to offer — through rigorous academics, welcoming community, and purposeful outreach. With this knowledge, I knew SPU was a place I would want to continue to promote and give access to other prospective students so they could also benefit from all that SPU has to offer.