Meet Jasmine

Admissions job: As an Admissions Counselor, I work and guide students through the entire admissions process, conduct interviews, visit high schools, and meet one-on-one with students. I also focus on and am passionate about serving students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds through advocacy, being a resource, helping with applications, and cheering them on as they navigate through the application process.

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Education: Upland Christian Academy; Seattle Pacific University (BA, Christian Theology; minors in Spanish and Global and Urban Ministry)

Favorite Seattle Restaurant: El Camión

A trip I’d like to take: I would love to go on a cruise around Europe!

Family: I come from a big blended family with four sisters, one brother, and my brother/child dog named Boouka.

Books I'm reading: Right now, I Am Too Heavy a Yoke, 40 Days with the Holy Spirit (written by a former SPU prof), and I am finally reading the Harry Potter series.

Favorite Movie: If I need some inspiration, Remember the Titans. If I need to laugh, The Lorax

Favorite thing about SPU: I love the ways that SPU challenges students to think about diversity and reconciliation within the context of the Gospel and the heart of God and then equips them to carry it out in a world that so desperately needs it.

Hobbies & Fun Facts: A fun fact about me is that I used to do background acting when I was younger so you could see me in past shows like That 70’s Show, CSI, The Jersey Shore, and commercials for Burger King, McDonald's, and Cap'n Crunch!

My Two Cents’ Worth 

When’s the best time to visit campus?
The best time to visit is definitely in the spring! During spring quarter, everyone is outside! The campus is beautiful and the weather is perfect. If you come to campus, you’ll see professors having class outside, students playing frisbee, spikeball, volleyball, and you may even catch our president, Dr. Martin, slacklining!

How diverse is SPU, and what was it like for you as a student of color?
SPU’s diversity has been steadily increasing over the years, but one thing that is great about SPU is that SPU’s diversity is multifaceted. There is diversity in race, ethnicity, culture, religion, etc. There are people who are coming from all different walks of life with incredible stories and experiences. For me, as a student of color, I had a lot of resources made available to me and had a huge community rallying around me. The office of Multi-Ethnic Programs, my friends, my RA, my advisors, and my professors helped me understand the intricacies, complexities, and the beauty of my culture and background and how all those things intersect with God’s larger story, plan, and identity.

How did your faith change while you were at SPU?
I come from a long line of pastors. My grandma, my uncle, my grandpa, and my dad (to name a few) are all pastors! Since I grew up in the Church, my faith before SPU was really an extension of my parents and my family. When I came to SPU, I really had space and endless opportunities to make my faith my own. Through all the resources on campus, I developed a more authentic, deep, and contemplative faith through experiencing and exploring the diversity within the Christian church, going on retreats with SPU staff, attending SPU’s worship services, and talking with my incredible professors. I also developed eyes to see the world through God’s eyes and how justice and reconciliation are truly at the heart of the Gospel and our discipleship.

Why did you choose to continue to work at SPU after graduation?
I LOVE SPU! I could scream it from the mountaintops! SPU is not only a premier university, but it truly is a family. It is a place where I have been afforded incredible opportunities, been deeply loved and supported, and have been challenged to see myself, others, and God in new ways.