University Advisory Council

Lori Brown 
Staff Council President

Margaret Brown 
Assistant Provost;
Director of the Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development

Daniel Castelo
Faculty Chair

Dave Church 
Assistant Vice President for Facility Management

Alison Estep 
Senior Director of University Communications

Cori Ewert
Commuter Student Representative

Kenda Gatlin
University Registrar

Cherry Gilbert
Director of Finance and Controller

Jordan Grant
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Operations and Student Financial Services

Tali Hairston
Director of the John Perkins Center

Jobe Korb-Nice
Senior Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Stan Lan
Director of Institutional Research

Mary Liu
ASSP President

Maribeth Lopit
Director of Advancement

Gaile Moe
Director of General Education

Nyaradzo Mvududu
Professor of Education

Cindy Price
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Micah Schaafsma
Assistant Vice President for Information Technology

Jackson Stava
Director of Athletics

Ross Stewart
Dean of the School of Business, Government, and Economics

Chuck Strawn
Dean of Students, Community Life

Katy Tangenberg
Dean of the School of Psychology, Family, and Community

Gary Womelsduff
Director of Human Resources