Kris Bjarke

Kris composed, auditioned, and presented three musicals; completed a major internship on the East Coast last summer and has another internship this summer; and connected with and received coaching from Stephen Schwartz — one of the leading composers of Broadway musicals such as Wicked and Godspell. Says one professor, “Kris is incredibly talented, incredibly driven, and a wonderful young man.”

Kris Bjarke

Major: Music

Hometown: University Place, WA

Post-graduation plans: I’ll be an assistant music director for a show at a local theatre, and then move to Connecticut in August for an apprenticeship at Goodspeed Musicals in East Haddam. I plan to continue developing new theatrical works and scores.

Extracurricular Activities: I started the SPU Musical Theatre Workshop, a club in which students write and produce original, full-length musicals. I also helped create Neurotistic, a musical related to autism awareness, and completed various film scores for short films in the Seattle area.

Favorite memory of SPU: “Decade Skate, my sophomore year on Third Hill … It was an incredible bonding experience for my floor, and made me feel at home at SPU for the first time. It also helped me realize just how much I love putting on shows, and, in many ways, led to the creation of the SPU Musical Theatre Workshop!”