125,000 Hours of Service Final Tally 

The goal: Record 125,000 service hours by Seattle Pacific University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents during the University’s 125th anniversary year, September 2016 — June 2017.

The result: More than 228,000 service hours were achieved by 1,386 SPU community members!

Volunteer Hours thermometer

Service hours included SPU events and organizations such as SPRINT, CityQuest, the Perkins Center, and Latreia. Other hours were recorded through academic internships and clinical practicums including nursing, teacher education, marriage and family therapy, and clinical and I/O psychology. Finally, we included individual or group alumni, staff, and parent volunteer efforts in their churches or communities.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to tell us about your service and send in photos. We know this is just a fraction of the many ways our community members are at work here and around the world. 

Since our earliest days as Seattle Seminary, SPU has been committed to serving the community. As you will see in the submissions below, that commitment remains stronger than ever.

Jacob Redding
Jacob Redding ’13, ‘15, YoungLife volunteer

Academic Year 2016-17 | 100 Hours | SPU Alumnus, Adjunct Faculty, and Doctoral Student

I volunteer with YoungLife in West Seattle, an organization dedicated to sharing the truth of God’s love with adolescents. We work with high school students from multicultural backgrounds, diverse cultural communities, and economically-depressed areas.

Two people standing next to a sign showing a sign saying you are now crossing country Kenya
Corbett ‘97 and Amanda Stubbert ’95, volunteers

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 150 Hours | SPU Alumni

We volunteer with WorldCOMP Kenya (an umbrella organization serving Kenyan-led programs from medical camps to schools for children living in the slums to a training center for widows). Amanda is on WorldComp’s board, and Corbett’s service includes trips to Kenya where he supports construction projects and relationship building. Amanda also serves on the leadership team at Westside Church, helping with most of the special events.

Hanna Roseen
Hanna Roseen, Green Seattle Day volunteer

November 2016 | 3 Hours | SPU Student

I participated in Green Seattle Day by planting trees and spreading mulch in Discovery Park.

Seattle/King Coalition on Homelessness Logo
Niki Amarantides, homelessness advocate

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 60 Hours | SPU Staff Member

I am trying to end homelessness by serving dinner with St. Paul's Episcopal Church every month, serving on the board for the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness with monthly meetings and activities, and serving on the Advisory Board for Tent City 5 (currently located in the Interbay area near campus.)

Photo showing a child at about age 2 in a room with toys
Kimberly Segall, international volunteer for social justice

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 180 Hours | SPU Faculty

  • Outside Athens, Greece, I volunteered at a refugee camp where we distributed food cards, worked with a translator on a Caritas Catholic Relief project, and organized projects for refugee children from Syria and Iraq. I also facilitated a student internship to the Caritas refugee center with SPU students.

  • I volunteered for one week at an orphanage in Gugulethu Township in South Africa and set up a service project for SPU students. I also assisted a Cape Town trauma center, specializing in working with trauma survivors and teen gangs, in their efforts to organize internships for SPU volunteers.

  • I created service learning projects, one with Pastor Monwabisi Mgogi in Khayaletshia for a South Africa study abroad program, and another for students at Mama Rosie's HIV/AIDS clinic for teenagers in South Africa.

  • I worked with Kids4Peace to set up meetings with the Council on American–Islamic Relations for Muslim civil rights, including the exploration of a video project on filming Seattle Muslim voices. In addition, I helped organize Kids4Peace internship possibilities for SPU students.

  • Twice this year, my family and I participated in Teen Feed at our church, University Congregational United Church of Christ. We made food for homeless teens near the University of Washington. In addition, I participated in food packing for Tent City.

  • I gave a presentation on Middle East Studies Films for Peace series. I interviewed former refugees and helped raise money for a community member whose store was attacked as part of a hate crime.

  • I volunteered at the Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS), supporting their open house and also held three meetings with Khawla Hadi, Iraqi-American translator and counselor at Lutheran Services.

  • Related to Seattle Pacific University, I  a) am mentoring SPU AMES scholars for retention of students of color, b) held a Refugee Forum and Diversity Leadership Training for SPU student leadership groups, c) worked with the John Perkins Center to create a social justice video, d) am working with SPU faculty and administration to start a new social justice/cultural studies major, and e) met with Consolee Nishimwe, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, to see if she might speak at SPU.

High Point community center
Megan Stariha, youth tutor

September-December 2016 | 30 Hours | SPU Staff Member

Every Monday of the school year, I individually tutor two middle school girls through the High Point Community Center's Youth Tutoring Program. We work on their highest priority school work, and on building foundation skills as time allows.

Soroptimist logo
Marjorie Crofts ’56, volunteer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 300 Hours | SPU alumna

I volunteer with Soroptimist International of Camas-Washougal. We have been organizing estate sales for Camas and Washougal for 22 years. About 8-12 of us work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., usually for a month for each sale. We begin in March and quit in October. We have a two-day sale (Friday and Saturday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.) with a half-price sale, Saturday 12-4 p.m. We have 450 people on our email list. We send them quite an extensive list of what’s in each sale. The men all come when there are lots of old tools. We wash everything. We have 100 card tables, lots of linen (inside) and plastic (outside) tablecloths, and cans and boards to make “shelves” to display more. We have a lot of fun working for them. And we have the house clean and empty. What doesn’t sell goes to a nice second hand store in Vancouver (dishes, some furniture), Habitat for Humanity, or Goodwill. What we make (45 percent now) we give to local women to go to college. Many of these are working and supporting children as they finish college. I’d say I put in 300 hours a year and love it.

Latreia Service

September 2016– March 2017 | 564 Hours | 96 SPU Students

Latreia, coordinated through the John Perkins Center, is a resource program for SPU students interested in serving in Seattle. Latreia matches students' passions, focus of study, or general interests with local agencies looking for volunteers. Service opportunities may be one-time projects or long-term experiences. Latreia sponsored two service days per quarter at 12 different sites around Seattle. 

Image showing two kids, both hiding their faces with hands and hair
Grace Parson ‘04, Court Appointed Special Advocate

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 160 Hours | SPU Alumna

I’m a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in Hood River, Oregon. I advocate in court for children in foster care. I give a voice to children within the system – a system that often forgets about those most vulnerable.

Image showing a man interacting with kids by reading them a book
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Internships

September 2016—June 2017 | 22,050 Hours | 35 Graduate MAT Students

The Master of Arts in Teaching program includes spring and autumn field experiences. In addition, a full-time, supervised internship begins during the second year of the program. Students are paired with a mentor teacher and university field supervisor in a school setting. They begin with focused observations and progress to independent teaching. Across the internship, students complete assignments designed to maximize field experiences, such as portfolio reflections, lesson plans, and program assessments. In addition, MAT students augment their formal internship experiences with other volunteer opportunities including time as a private school teacher, substitute teacher, preschool teacher, public school paraeducator, instructional assistant, and tutor.

Image showing a woman helping a student with something on an iPad
Undergraduate Teacher Education Interns

September 2016—June 2017 | 37,044 Hours | 42 SPU Undergraduate Teaching Interns

The Teaching Internship is the highlight of the Residency Teacher Certification Program at SPU, and its final phase. Student teachers put into action the skills they’ve learned in class and field work. The internship is a time for polishing skills, refining a philosophy for classroom management, and demonstrating subject-matter knowledge necessary to successfully teach the Washington State Learning Standards.

Image showing Elizabeth Vernon with a group of people all smiling to the camera
Elizabeth Vernon ‘02, SPU Alumni Board member, volunteer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 15 Hours | SPU Alumna

I serve on the SPU Alumni Board and volunteer at various SPU activities.

Photo showing a christmas tree lot
Tim Nelson ’87, Christmas tree sale volunteer

Academic Year 2016-17 | 30 Hours | SPU Alumnus, Faculty Member

I’m a “tree guy” for the annual PTA Christmas Tree Sale at Green Lake Elementary. Tree guys open the lot at the beginning of the day and close it down at night. We are knowledgeable about the trees and the sales process, and we handle the heavy-lifting part of customer service.

Logo of the fish food bank
Hellen Benoit-Schultz ’76 , food bank volunteer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 200 Hours | SPU Alumna

I volunteer at the Mt. View Community Fish Food Bank in Edgewood, Washington, about 20 hours each month. I coordinate the produce distribution effort.

Ingraham school logo
Lorelle Jabs, track meet volunteer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 15 Hours | SPU Faculty

I’m a volunteer at Ingraham High School track meets.

Canyon Hills community church people
Jenn Wilson, high school bible study leader

Academic Year 2016-17 | 50 Hours | SPU Staff Member

I’m a high school leader at Canyon Hills Community Church. I lead a group of high school freshmen girls in a bible study each week.

Westside church logo
Kyle Brown ‘15, Sunday school teacher

Academic Year 2016-17 | 80 Hours | SPU Alumnus, Staff Member, and Donor

I’m a volunteer Sunday school teacher at Westside Church for kids ages 2–13. Every Sunday, I work with a small group of fourth and fifth graders. I teach a lesson based around a Bible story, and then we play a game, talk about their past and upcoming weeks, and pray for each other. It’s the most fulfilling service I have ever found.

Daniel Common with people at church
Daniel Common ’01, worship team member

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 120 Hours | SPU Alumnus

I am a worship team member at Bethany Community Church in Seattle where I volunteer 12-15 hours per month.

School counseling image
SPU School Counseling Students Practicum/Internships

September 2016—June, 2017 | 12,600 Hours | 36 Graduate CPY Students

Students in the School Counseling (SCO) program (master of education degree), participate in two volunteer programs within a school setting. The first is the Education Block, where students gain practical experience about school life and the issues facing classroom teachers. The second is the internship, an integrative experience in which students conduct supervised counseling in a school setting over the course of an entire school year (three quarters). The internship requires the cooperative efforts of the student, a faculty supervisor from the SPU School of Education, and an approved school district site supervisor. The photo (left) shows students in EDCO 6670 Introduction to School Counseling, one of the first classes in the SCO program.

Photo showing Bethany Davis with coffee in her hand, sitting behind a keyboard
Bethany Davis ’08, worship ministry leader

Academic Year 2016-17 | 120 Hours | SPU Staff and Alumna

I lead a worship ministry at One Hope Foursquare Church in Kent, Washington.

Principal certification image
SPU Principal Certification Internships

September 2016—June 2017 | 17,280 Hours | 32 Principal Certificate Candidates

The Principal internship allows students to engage in leadership and administrative activities under the supervision of a mentor principal or assistant principal in a school setting. Over the course of a full school year, students acquire and practice skills that are crucial to future success as a school leader.

Superintended certification image
SPU Superintendent Certification Internships

September 2016—June, 2017 | 2,160 Hours | 12 Superintendent Certificate Candidates

Students in the Superintendent Certification program are required to complete a field experience over two years to qualify for a Superintendent Certificate. The field-based experience blends theory and practical course applications into actual leadership experiences. These internship experiences are guided by a designated district supervisor and overseen by SPU educational leadership faculty.

Westminister presbyterian church image
Clint Kelly, church volunteer, blood and platelet donor

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 120 Hours | SPU Staff Member

At Westminster Presbyterian Church, I serve as an elder, concert coordinator, Missions Committee chairman, Historic Restoration publicity chair, and adult Sunday school teacher. Also, I am a blood and platelet donor with Bloodworks NW.

Graduate nursing image
Master's Degree Nursing Students Clinical Practicum

September 2016—June, 2017 | 13,760 Hours | 25 Grad Nursing Students

SPU’s graduate nursing program is intensively hands-on. Students are assigned a clinical preceptor (mentor) who enhances their access to patients and settings, clinical skill development, role acquisition, socialization, and professional transition into the world of advanced nursing practice. Clinical rotations are varied and provide a wide array of experiences in hospitals, schools, clinics, community agencies, and professional organizations throughout the Seattle area.

Ladybug House
Kate Kramer ‘17, volunteer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 20 Hours | SPU student

I helped with organization structure assessment and operational process review for ladybug, a nonprofit startup.

Undergraduate students nursing image
Undergraduate Nursing Students Clinical Practicum

September 2016—June, 2017 | 44,100 Hours | 128 Undergrad Nursing Students

SPU nursing students spend a significant number of hours in hands-on clinical practice at a broad range of venues throughout the metropolitan Seattle area. What’s learned in the classroom is put into practice in local hospitals and health care agencies, working directly with clients. Clinical rotations are varied and provide a wide array of experiences. In fact, SPU has working relationships with more than 150 practice partners, including Harborview Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle Public Schools, and the University of Washington Medical Center.

Tina Sellers medical Supervision image
Medical Family Therapy Students Externships

June 2016—May, 2017 | 2,800 Hours | 6 MDFT Students

As part of their certificate training in Medical Family Therapy (MDFT), students are required to complete an “externship” in an outpatient medical clinic. These SPU “externs” provide a range of psychosocial services, training, and support for patient/family and medical teams. They also develop and implement assessment and treatment plans that address a broad range of psychosocial and psychiatric concerns.

Seattle Pacific Seminary Students “Contextual Education”

September 2016 — June 2017 | 4,560 Hours | 16 SPU Seminarians

Each quarter, Seattle Pacific Seminary students enroll in what’s called "Contextual Education," where they undertake a variety of administrative and ministry tasks in churches throughout the Seattle area. One example is Brandon Bleek, who currently serves at University Presbyterian Church. His primary responsibilities include care for the church's missionaries, mission leaders, and small group facilitators. In addition, he oversees short-term mission implementation, Sunday liturgist duties, and general care of congregants. Currently, he's deeply involved in a Lent initiative to challenge the congregation to look at the multi-ethnic family of God and how to better reflect and engage it. Photo: Brandon (far right) taking a break with team members on a missions project in Tijuana, Mexico.

Clinical Psychology practicum
SPU Clinical Psychology Students Practicum/Internships

September 2016—June, 2017 | 27,000 Hours | 34 Graduate CPY Students

As part of their PhD program, students in clinical psychology participate in practicum and internship training experiences. In practicum settings, they establish therapeutic relationships with clients and patients which includes developing a wide range of skills related to evidence-based psychotherapy. In the year-long internship placement, students refine and further develop their abilities to independently apply these intervention skills in professional medical, hospital, and outpatient settings. The beneficiaries of these experiences are not only the students themselves, but also the clients that they serve. Practicum sites include Swedish Family Medicine and Swedish Primary Care, Madigan Army Medical Center, Lakeside Center for Autism, and the Child Study and Treatment Center. Some of the internship sites are American Lake VA, University of New Mexico Medical Center, Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Pediatrics, and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Urban Involvement logo
Urban Involvement

September 2016 – March 2017 l 13,468 Hours l 229 SPU Students

Urban Involvement connects SPU students to a variety of community organizations through weekly service teams and quarterly immersion experiences. For Autumn Quarter 2016, 113 SPU students served alongside ten partner organizations and programs: Bride Care Center, EYFO, Cultural Companions, Neighborhood House, Pike Place Community Dinners, Union Gospel Mission (UGM) Hope Place Elementary, UGM White Center Remix, UGM Youth Services, UI Emerald City Commons, and Rainier Beach High School.

FareStart Leaders
SPU administrative leaders serve at FareStart

February 2, 2017 | 54 Hours | SPU Administrators

On Thursday, February 2, nine Seattle Pacific University administrators, including President Dan Martin, volunteered at FareStart’s Guest Chef Night. Since 1994, this program has raised more than $4.5 million to support FareStart’s student culinary job training and placement services for youth and adults coming from challenging circumstances. Guest Chef Night is a celebration of the organization’s graduates, and the students and chefs who worked to prepare the meal. On the night the SPU team served, Matt Lewis of Café Roux was the guest chef. From that meal, $6,337 dollars were earned, including $4,709 from the food and beverages, and an additional $1,628 from donations—all this coming from 137 diners. This amount covers one student in the youth program, plus counseling and life skills instruction for one adult student. Those from SPU who served at FareStart included: President Martin, Jeff Van Duzer, Louise Furrow, Gaile Moe, Margaret Brown, Katy Tangenberg, Michael Paulus, Jennifer Standlee, and John Glancy.

Bob Rorabaugh
Bob Rorabaugh ‘69, teacher assistant, library volunteer, church volunteer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 593 Hours | SPU Alumnus

I'm "the tool guy," overseeing a team of eight other "old guys who like tools” at Helping Hands Ministries International Thrift Store. We receive, clean, sort, repair, price, and place tools for sale, adding yet another revenue stream to assist the poorest of the poor in northern Peru, fire victims in Snohomish County, and also to stretch the benevolence dollars of local churches. I'm also on the board of Shelton View Forest Stewardship Association, serving as vice president (special projects), liaison to elected and appointed government officials, and helping with trail maintenance. Shelton View is a 75-acre forest within the city of Bothell. Our purpose is to preserve it as open space — a "wild place” surrounded by the fastest growing area in the state of Washington. This means working with both the city and the Department of Natural Resources. I presently serve as the membership chairman for western Washington's division of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). Technically, 700 of us are the 4th division of the Pacific Northwest Region. The hobby encompasses many skill sets, ages, genders, and abilities. Often, we are older mentors to two generations, following the fascinating history, function, and fun of trains. I’m also a blood and platelet donor. Why? Because our Savior was the ultimate "blood donor." His paid the price for my sin.

King county Library System
Jan Rorabaugh ‘69, teacher assistant, library volunteer church volunteer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 486 Hours | SPU Alumna

On Mondays, I assist teachers in a public elementary school, sometimes working with first and fourth graders. On Tuesdays, I volunteer with the Bothell branch of the King County Library System (largest in the U.S.), where I worked for 31 years. I help find requested information for patrons. On Wednesdays, I serve as a data entry helper at the Northshore Community Church where my husband served on staff for 21 years. I help process student applications, health forms, and volunteer sign-up. On Thursdays, I serve at our church, either with childcare for M.O.P.S (Mothers of Preschoolers), or setting up for Women of Wisdom luncheons.

Purposeful purses logo
Martha Picinich ’17, creator of project benefiting homeless women, teacher of mindfulness and meditation, Veterans Day volunteer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 56 Hours | SPU Student

I created a nonprofit project called Purposeful Purses to benefit homeless women in Seattle. I enrolled companies and individual groups to help create purses for local homeless women, and we distributed them in conjunction with the Union Gospel Mission. I also teach mindfulness and meditation to a support group of patients with Parkinson’s disease and senior citizens as a retirement home, along with SPU graduate students. In November 2016, I helped present a 21-flag ceremony to senior citizens on Veterans Day to celebrate three living World War II veterans.

Kids Hope USA
Susan Essary ‘79, church choir member, small group leader, and KidsHopeUSA mentor

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 225 Hours | SPU Alumna

I’m a church choir member and leader of a small group. I also mentor a third-grade student with kidshopeusa.

Seatown volleyball beyond borders
Lori Brown, volleyball team volunteer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 400 Hours | SPU Staff Member

I’m a volunteer for Seatown Volleyball Beyond Borders, and for the Franklin high School Volleyball Team.

Care Point
Valorie Orton ’75, healthcare clinic founder and coordinator

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 50 Hours | SPU Alumna, Faculty Member

I helped launch a free healthcare clinic in the Snoqualmie Valley area, and I serve as the clinic coordinator. Care Point is part of the Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church.

Lakewood New Hope Community Church Logo
Iona Parker ’73, ‘93, Sunday school teacher, church treasurer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 232 Hours | SPU Alumna, Staff Member

I’m a Sunday school teacher and serve as church treasurer and Finance Committee member at Lakewood New Hope Church of the Nazarene.

Steve Gough
Steve Gough ’70, Awana Club and Boys Brigade Leader

Academic Year, 2016-17 / 101 Hours / SPU Alumnus, Parent

I currently serve as Chief Ranger of Boys Brigade at Highlands Community Church as well as Commander of an AWANA club. I also co-teach an adult Sunday School class. In previous years, I’ve been a member of SPU’s Alumni Board and served as a volunteer track coach at the high school level.

Richard Sleight
Richard Sleight, Bible study teacher, photographer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 546 Hours | SPU Staff Member, Parent

I volunteer with three activities annually. I’m lead a weekly Bible study  at Bellevue Presbyterian Church; I’m a summer Bible teacher at Emerald Heights Retirement Community in Redmond, Washington; and I’m a sports photographer for Bellevue Christian School.

Christ Church Seattle
Owen Ewald, youth group and small group leader

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 125 Hours | SPU Associate Professor of Classics

I co-lead and convene two groups at Christ Church Seattle. One is a youth group, called EPIC, where topics for discussion include church history, minor prophets, and Christianity’s relationship with other faiths. The other is an adult reading and spiritual growth group called Spiritual Quest II. We read and discuss authors such as Barbara Brown Taylor and Richard Rohr.

Kenda Gatlin ’88, high school volunteer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 45 Hours | SPU Alumna, Staff Member

I recently became involved in two parts of FIRST Robotics. In 2015, King's High School (during my son's senior year) launched Unified Robotics, partnering with special-needs kids from Roosevelt High School and working with them to build elementary-level robots. This year, the program expanded to other high schools and the state championship was held at the Pacific Science Center ꟷ I helped with set up for that day. I also helped as a scorer for division matches this year for FIRST Washington. For one of the matches, we housed participants from the Ugandan Robotics Team, which King High School launched. This was the first robotics match with Special Olympics and the first eastern African team to have a FIRST robotics team. I also coordinate and teach Sunday school to middle schoolers at Lakeview Free Methodist Church.

Encompass Logo
Amy Wright ’90, board of trustees 

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 150 Hours | SPU Alumna

I am on the board of trustees for Encompass, an organization that partners with families to build healthy foundations for children through an array of programs in early learning and pediatric therapy services available to all members of the Snoqualmie Valley community.

SAFE Lara Lutz
Lara Patterson Lutz ’09, bookkeeper, treasurer, board of directors

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 300 Hours | SPU Alumna

I’m responsible for strategic planning, advocacy, and fundraising for SAFE, a growing grassroots nonprofit local horse rescue.

 Katie Bennett
Katie Bennett ‘09, group leader, volunteer

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 300 Hours | SPU Alumna, Staff Member

Katie Bennett ’09, graduate program administrative assistant in the School of Health Sciences, volunteers with the high school youth in Lutheran Youth of North Seattle, a cooperative youth group. In addition to regular gatherings she accompanied the youth on their summer trip to Montana in August and helped them to put on an original musical theater production called "Waiting for Luther" earlier in the year.

Warm Beach Camp Board of Directors
Warm Beach Camp Board of Directors

Academic Year, 2016-17 | 600 Hours | 10 SPU Alumni/Board of Trustees

Three times per year, 10 SPU alumni and a former SPU Trustee volunteer as members of the Warm Beach Camp Board of Directors. Warm Beach Camp, located in Stanwood, Washington, is a Christian camp and conference center that serves thousands of guests per year drawn from churches, non-profit organizations, and government groups. Pictured here (l to r) are Ryan Beagle ’05, Ed McDowell ’85, Daryl Miller ’75, David Goodnight (former SPU Trustee), Molly Holzknecht ’79, Joyce Trepus ’60, Darlene Hartley ’65, John Glancy ’70, Matt Whitehead ’79, and Frank Cranston ’56.

 SPRINT Teams Summer 2016
SPRINT Teams Summer 2016

June 14-September 9, 2016 | 19,032 Hours | 29 SPU Students

In all, six SPRINT teams comprised of SPU students ventured throughout the world during Summer 2016, serving in four different countries: Dominican Republic, a country in Southeast Asia, Haiti, and Guatemala. Activities included community outreach, construction, education, children’s programs, and in one country, sustainable community engineering. One Southeast Asian team was able to help local residents with this painting project (photo).

Lauren Nelson, Daniel Kuntz, and Flannery Tirtomihardjo
SPRINT Team to Southeast Asia (1)

July 7-August 5, 2016 | 2,160 Hours | 3 SPU Students

SPU students Lauren Nelson, Daniel Kuntz, and Flannery Tirtomihardjo (photo) spent roughly 30 days in Southeast Asia, traveling to three different islands and living with local families. They engaged in painting, construction, cleaning moats, and teaching English. Said one student, “the love and hospitality we received was far, far beyond the worth of service we brought. It was truly a blessing to live, laugh, and eat rice with them.”

 CityQuest Teams
CityQuest Teams 2016

September 24, 2016 | 2,400 Hours | 600 SPU Students

Through the John Perkins Center, incoming SPU students spent a day in service to Seattle-area non-profit organizations on September 24 as part of the University’s new student orientation. Some 600 students volunteered in 29 different social and ministry organizations throughout the city such as Ballard Boys and Girls Club, El Centro de la Raza, Food Lifeline, King County Parks, Operation Nightwatch, Redeeming Soles, and World Concern. Photo: Students clean, sort, and prepare shoes for distribution to underprivileged persons of all ages throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Rebecca Vanderpoel ’75, Bible teacher, missionary

Academic year, 2016–17 | 152 hours | SPU alumna

I have volunteered to teach four- and five-year children the Word of God each week on Thursday evenings for two hours for the past eight years. I also teach a Ladies of Faith Sunday School class two times a month. I spent 27 years with my husband as missionaries with Reach Global in Japan. I was also my father’s caregiver for eight years.