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Latin and the Classics at SPU


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Latin Faculty: Owen Ewald

Latin was the language of Western Europe — its literature, its science, its philosophy, and its theology — for a millennium and a half. Majoring in European Studies: Latin brings students back to the ancient roots of Western culture in order to understand how we arrived where we are.

Based on in-depth language study, an approved study abroad program, the Symposium (formerly called the European Studies Symposium) presentation, and the European Studies Capstone, this major gives insight into the similarities and differences among the Roman Empire, the mediaeval Latin West, and the modern European Union.

Admission to the Major or Minor

Applicants for a Latin major or minor within the Department of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in all college work applicable to the BA degree and a 2.5 GPA in 10 credits of coursework at SPU in Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics, Linguistics, and/or European or Latin American Studies.

A student must complete the major or minor requirements in effect when the student is admitted to the major or minor.

Latin Program Requirements
Owen Ewald, Contact Person

Requirements for the Major
The European Studies: Latin major requires 40 credits, of which 25 must be upper-division, in addition to the 19 base-course credits and the other major requirements listed above. A minimum of 9 credits must be in upper-division Latin readings. CLA 3104, CLA 3170, and CLA 3204 are required and can be included in the total number of credits.

Students must complete all non-credited and language proficiency requirements found on the Languages department page.

Requirements for the Latin Studies Minor
The minimum requirement for a minor in Latin* Studies is 33 credits, of which a minimum of 15 must be upper-division (e.g., CLA 3204, EUR 3500, LAT 4920). Each student who minors in Latin Studies will complete two courses from base requirements for the European Studies major and a minimum of 20 credits from the Latin course offerings.

*Note: Elementary Latin is taught in alternate years.

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