About the Center for Integrity in Business

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The Center for Integrity in Business exists to serve, inspire, and equip business leaders for positive impact, by being an accelerator of business and faith integration. We envision a world where business is a creative force for good, an ethical steward and partner, and a life-giving institution building flourishing communities.

A Creative Force for Good

Seattle Pacific University’s expressed mission is to “engage the culture and change the world.” To accomplish this objective, SPU prepares its students for service through the lens of Christian faith and values. In engaging the business community, the Center for Integrity in Business mirrors this approach.

Positioned for Success

The School of Business, Government, and Economics and the Center for Integrity in Business are located within SPU’s academically and theologically rigorous environment. SBGE is a leader in business education and has one of the strongest teams in the world pursuing a biblical understanding of business.

This school is also fully accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Colleges and Schools of Business — the top international accrediting body — which accredits only five percent of business schools in the world. SBE was the first business school in the 119-member Council for Christian Colleges & Universities to achieve AACSB accreditation, and to this day remains one of only two institutions to achieve this elite status.

Called to Serve

The scholarship produced by faculty members, the wealth of faithful business connections in Seattle and around the world, and the unifying vision of Seattle Pacific University combine to shape a vision of business that can transform the world. With these strengths, the CIB:

  • Equips those in business to make theological connections for why their work and leadership are vital for God’s purposes.
  • Provides empirically sound and practical tools and resources that enable leaders to tackle the difficult challenges they face on the job.
  • Cultivates life-giving communities that fuel spiritual and values-based transformation in the lives of business leaders and the organizations they serve.
  • Organizes conferences, roundtables, and workshops that integrate good business practices and Christian faith.
  • Provides consulting and advisory services that equip businesspeople to lead with integrity and shape a more just and sustainable world.

Join the Conversation

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Ethix: An Online Magazine

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