Mission, Vision, and Values of the Center

Mission, Vision, and Values

At the Center for Integrity in Business, we believe business can change the world. On Wall Street, Main Street, or in a market on another continent, when “good” business is infused with a Christian ethic and commitment to serve others, it can bring wholesale transformation to the world. A Christian understanding of business can better serve humanity’s needs and build more enduring and life-affirming organizations.

Our Mission and Vision

To help business leaders and their organizations respond to this call, we draw on the best of theological and management scholarship and practice, creating tools, resources, and learning communities that enable businesspeople to lead with integrity and to shape a more just and flourishing world.

Holistic integrity is a term that denotes full-scale transformational change and well-being. It is an all-encompassing, macro-level process that also plays out on a personal, corporate, and societal level. No one person or organization ever fully arrives, but there are best practices and principles from Scripture that guide our journey. On our way, we need one another to grow in a Christian understanding of business and to honor commitments that reflect God’s Shalom, or well-being for the world.

Engaging our mission with the business community leads to:

  • Transformed leaders who understand how business is vital kingdom work.
  • Transformed businesses that engage in creative and redemptive work and that operate with a high and holistic view of integrity.
  • A flourishing ecosystem of business, academic, and church communities that share ambitions to harness integrity in business for a better world.

Our Guiding Values

A Higher Purpose

We believe the highest purpose of business is to serve by creating goods and services that enable communities to flourish, and by inspiring meaningful work that honors people as unique image-bearers of God.

A Force for Good

We believe business can be a vital force for good in the world. We also believe there are multiple expressions of how business can serve humanity and honor God.

A Unique Value Proposition

When animated and shaped by Christian principles and values, we believe business offers a compelling value proposition for economic opportunity and wholesale human flourishing.

The Fortitude to Stand for What Is Right

Faithfulness in business takes a stand against what is wrong, but also takes a stand for what is noble and right.

From the Front Lines

"The Center for Integrity in Business pushed me to move beyond the tired and often acrimonious polarity between doing 'business' and practicing our faith. Rather than trying to be the pastor who injects Christian principles into the world of our church’s entrepreneurs and CEOs, I now am invited to partner with them as we join God’s creation initiative and Jesus’ redemptive rule in a complex world."

Pastor Doug Kelly
Bethany Presbyterian Church
Seattle, WA

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