CIB: Church


The church — like the academy and business itself — represents a strategic channel for championing a “Business as Service” commitment. We believe that the church is at its best when it is stirring the imagination of those in business to embrace their work as vital kingdom service. That’s why we harness the creative and redemptive energy of the institutional church — in Seattle, in North America, and around the world — to equip and encourage businesspeople for positive impact in the world.

Serving Businesspeople

We serve businesspeople through ecclesiastical settings by providing tools and resources — and cultivating communities — that address crucial issues of faithful service in the marketplace.

Supporting the Church

We support the church by:

  • Creating tools and resources for churches that help you connect your daily work to your Christian faith, seeing it as a high and sacred calling from God.
  • Breaking down walls that have often stood between business, academic, and church communities — helping each understand the unique perspective and strengths the others offer for positive impact in the world.
  • Highlighting faithful models of Christian thought and practice that present a compelling vision for the flourishing life in all of its settings, including business.

Partnering With the Center for Biblical and Theological Education

At Seattle Pacific, the CIB partners with the Center for Biblical and Theological Education (CBTE) to co-host and co-sponsor events that encourage more faithful practice and application of biblical theology in the marketplace.


Work and Faith Collection

Explore this extensive collection of books and resources exploring topics of Christian faith and work, economics, and business.


Business Parables

Rev. Dr. Bruce Baker, SPU associate professor of business ethics, knit together biblical wisdom and business insights in a one-year series of weekly meditations on Scripture. Read his "Business Parables” on the CIB blog.