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Art Center


From tactile to technical mediums, you will learn the elements and principles of communication and the visual arts when you study art at Seattle Pacific University. You will also develop critical-thinking skills, equipping you to view your work in a broader historical, cultural, and spiritual context. Graduates of our program are prepared to begin advanced study or work professionally in art and design.


The purpose of the Art programs
  • Acquaint students with the fundamental elements and principles of the visual arts and their use in either studio arts or visual communication design.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop skills in the use of various traditional and experimental forms of studio practice and technological media, as well as the ability to apply them to art-making that engages contemporary culture and aesthetic concepts.
  • Offer a curriculum through which students can develop knowledge of the historical development and cultural context of art, as well as the capacity to think critically.
  • Assist students in their exploration of the spiritual nature of art as an expression of their faith. The curriculum provides training in studio arts, illustration/new pictures, art history, or visual communication that prepares students to pursue advanced study or begin professional work.



The Seattle Pacific Art Center is a haven for artistically minded students and is located near the heart of campus. In addition to five studios and a computer lab, the Art Center includes a lecture hall with digital and slide projection capabilities for art history classes and an exhibition gallery.

The Apple/Mac computer lab features:

  • Adobe Creative Suite, After Effects, Final Cut, and Adobe Lightroom software
  • Scanning capabilities
  • Wacom tablets
  • Laser and DeskJet printers
  • Light table and work space for instructor use and student presentations

The design studio features:

  • Adjustable desks and computer projectors for instructor and student demonstration
  • Large spaces for students to complete work and participate in an intimate class setting
  • Mat cutters and a light table for tracing capabilities
  • Locker area for students to work and store supplies
  • Filing bins with sample work

The drawing and painting studio includes:

  • A large work space
  • Multiple easels and workhorse desks for drawing and painting set-up
  • Student lockers and a painting storage area

The printmaking studio features:

  • Turn-of-the-century antique lithography press (Fuchs & Lang)
  • Etching and collograph press (intaglio)
  • Acid-bath equipment for etchings
  • Corkboard critique/drying walls
  • Large desktop table spaces

The sculpture studio includes:

  • Large sculpture work space complete with all necessary equipment
  • Locker area for storing student work and supplies

The metals studio features:

  • Metal working supplies and machinery
  • Large student work space



The SPAC Gallery is home to senior shows and showcases year-round exhibits by local artists, faculty, and students.

Gallery Hours: Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m., October–June