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Art Center

In the past decade, the boundaries between the disciplines of illustration and studio art have blurred greatly. Illustrators exhibit their work in galleries and museums and studios artists have their work used in print for advertising, commentary, storytelling, and identity. Thus, the curriculum of Illustration/New Pictures overlaps traditional autographic rendering techniques in drawing and painting with new technology-based skills toward works of art that emphasize narrative. Students in this track often pursue advanced study in illustration or studio art and/or build a studio practice with an entrepreneurial approach open to the possibilities of a variety of vocational trajectories.

Courses and requirements

For an Art major with an emphasis in Illustration/New Pictures, you will be required to take at least 91 credits, including more than 36 upper-division credits. Review all of the courses and requirements. With this emphasis, as a condition of graduation, you are required to participate in a Senior Exhibition during Spring Quarter of your senior year.