As an Illustration major, students are trained to combine highly refined technical ability and conceptual problem solving to create expressive and arresting images using a variety of mediums- both digital and traditional. The Illustration program prepares students for a career in creating graphic novels, editorial illustrations, picture books, murals, concept art, and gallery work.

Who the program is for

Illustration majors are passionate about the boundless potential of visual storytelling and conveying ideas. The Illustration program allows for the development of a student’s portfolio with a variety of projects in both commercial and personal ventures. After completing the core foundation-level courses students may choose to develop their professional portfolios in the direction of their interests. 

When you join the Illustration program, you enter camaraderie with a group of makers passionate about creative work. Students often progress through classes together and develop close friendships, encouraging and challenging one another to grow as artists. The Senior Illustration Exhibition is a culmination of graduating student’s portfolio work, which is presented annually in the SPAC Gallery. 

What will I study?

  • Figure Painting
  • Figure Drawing
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Illustration as a Professional Practice
  • Digital Media
  • Visual Storytelling
illustration by ali beeson

Illustration (BA)

Students are trained in a variety of digital and traditional mediums, with an emphasis on building strong practical skills that can be applied in diverse ways.

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