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Art Center

Art Department Spring Quarter 2020 FAQ

Is the Art Center open?

The Art Center will not be open to anyone who is not an approved senior art student. This will be limited to senior Art majors who absolutely require the use of facilities to complete their work towards graduation. Students who would like to be considered for this must be seniors who do not have any other way to complete work that is required for graduation. You should contact the head of your discipline (VCD, Illustration, Photo, etc.) to request building access.

If you are not sure who to contact please send an email to Alison Stigora at stigoraa@spu.edu and CC: Scott Kolbo at kolbos@spu.edu.

Access for seniors will be limited to weekday/daytime hours and a calendar/schedule will be developed that students can use to sign up for time. This will begin at the start of Spring Quarter, April 13.

To enforce social distancing only three students will be allowed in a room at a time, 6 feet of distance absolutely must be maintained, and there will be a sign-up process to ensure the overall number of students in the building at one time. The Art Department faculty has been told that if these social distancing protocols are violated, the building will be shut down.

Is the Art Annex open?

The Art Center Annex will not be open this quarter. Please contact Alison Stigora at stigoraa@spu.edu if you have any questions.

How do I get my things from the Art Center/Annex?

You will need to make arrangements with Campus Safety and Security by contacting them at securityinfo@spu.edu or 206-281-2922 to have someone escort you in and out of the building to retrieve your belongings, however you should not expect to spend time in the building other than to gather your things.

If you are not returning to campus for Spring Quarter, regarding any items that are left, you have until Autumn Quarter 2020 to contact Campus Safety and access the building to collect your things.

Will the Senior Show take place?

Senior Exhibits will take place virtually this spring. We will not be able to host senior exhibits the way we have in the past. All our shows will take place online, so please watch your SPU email for announcements about how to view this amazing senior work.

Will SPAC be selling art kits this quarter?

You will need to purchase some supplies on your own for your various classes. We will not be selling “kits” via the bookstore or other vendors that can be picked up in the SPAC like we usually do.

What do I do if I need computer/technology access?

The SPU Library will have computer labs and other technology available for students who need it. The library will be open for limited hours to give students access to computer labs, etc. These labs will be able to run the Adobe software needed for many of our classes. The SPAC computer lab will not be available.

The SPU administration is working on a number of solutions for technology access, so please keep your eye on your SPU email.

What about Autumn Quarter advising?

Your advisors will be meeting with you virtually (or via email) to get you cleared to sign up for Autumn Quarter 2020 classes. Be watching for email updates about this.

If you have any other questions, please email Lauren Campbell at campbelll2@spu.edu.