Digital Portfolio

Our PPHS program has been designed to encourage students to thoughtfully and purposefully prepare themselves for the application process. Matriculating to a dental, medical, veterinary, or other pre-professional program involves demonstrating academic competence through pre-health and science coursework, and meeting interpersonal and intraprofessional competencies. You also will need to articulate your motivations for applying, and demonstrate personal attributes that will contribute to your success as a health professional.

At Seattle Pacific University, we have students develop an e-portfolio in order to collect evidence and reflect on their comprehensive preparation. Although students should outline their incremental completion of the requirements for professional schools and the exams, we want our students to recognize that becoming a health professional should not be reduced to checking off the boxes. We believe that developing an e-portfolio will help each student establish clear goals based on best practices in pre-health advising. Additionally, students should use this web-based tool to foster conversations that allow faculty, healthcare professionals, and themselves to assess their progress along the way.

Students should demonstrate their awareness of the requirements, opportunities and challenges in pursuing a profession in health care. In doing so, each student should document and organize artifacts that support (insert goal here), reflect on their classroom and real-world experiences, demonstrate a reflective understanding of their growth in regards to the three important competencies (interpersonal, intrapersonal, and academic), develop plans and goals, and track their progress.

Your electronic portfolio should contain the following information. You may choose to host your portfolio at any online site including, and

Important Sections represented as tabs or pages:


  • Biography (1 paragraph)
  • Resume
  • Personal statement
  • Academic Experiences
  • Internships
  • Club involvement
  • Leadership
  • Outside activities

Shadowing: Where and who you have shadowed? What did you learn?

Mentoring: Who do you consider mentors? What is special about them?

Volunteering: Where have you volunteered what have you learned? Hours? Duration or dates?

Schools of Interest:

  • A descriptive analysis of the city and specific site of the schools you hope to apply.
  • How many admissions events or health fair events have you attended? Where? If none, then locate future events and write them out.
  • What other health related events have you attended beyond SPU’s campus? Grand rounds at a local hospital? UW event?
  • Who are the deans and/or deans of admission of the schools? What do they value (in their own words, if possible)? Look for videos on YouTube
  • Quote mission statements with 1-3 paragraph editorial and analysis of the mission.
  • Note and describe any particular focus and/or programs they provide (e.g. focus on rural medicine with an off-site clinic experience).

Essays (Potential topics):

  • What is pre-professionalism? Why is pre-professionalism important for student preparation? Note how you understand your preparation and describe the difference between metric-driven admissions and holistic admissions. Consider using targeted quotes from respected sources.
  • How have you gotten beyond your comfort zone?
  • What serious and humorous things make you a unique individual?
  • What specific projects or community engagement that reflect the mission statement? At school events: How many PPHS or Pre-health events have you attended? Which ones? What did you learn?
  • Books read or reading: what is your favorite genre? What are you reading? Why?

Please try to touch on these as you write your brief reflections:

  • Interpersonal competencies:
    • Service orientation
    • Social and interpersonal
    • Cultural competence
    • Team work
    • Oral communication
  • Intrapersonal competencies (discussion on your progress, so far):
    • Integrity and Ethics
    • Reliability and dependability
    • Resilience and adaptability
  • Academic competencies (discussion on your progress, so far):
    • Those competencies considered by many to be more “academic” in nature.
  • Add appropriate targeted photographs to personalize your portfolio.