Year One Roadmap

Download the Year One Roadmap as a PDF

  • Visit Perkins Center or attend Involve-o-rama; participation must be documented.
  • Attend PPHS introductory workshop; introduce yourself to the PPHS director and administrator.
  • After attending a workshop, your portfolio will be created. You will then be responsible for managing it during your SPU career.
  • Register for PPHS 1200 for Winter Quarter.
  • Attend PPHS shadowing workshop.*
  • Meet with faculty and colleagues to discuss strategies for acquiring shadowing opportunities.
  • Begin to set up shadowing opportunities.
  • Each student must complete 20 hours of community service* at a nonprofit organization that focuses on the disadvantaged and underserved. This must be a single site. Service is required to continue in the program and to be assigned a PPHS advisor. Complete by beginning of Fall term, Year Two.
  • Students must also complete 20 hours of shadowing* by beginning of Fall term, Year Two.
  • Students should document their volunteer service. Faculty will collect service evaluation and documentation in PPHS 1800.
  • Begin reading in the medical humanities.
  • Pre-Physician Assistant students should be begin to pursue summer employment or locate a certified nursing assistant licensing program.
  • Update your portfolio.