Gap Year(s) Roadmap

Download this roadmap as a PDF.

  • Consider a post-baccalaureate program if you need to raise your GPA.
  • Consider other healthcare-related activities: clinical experience, biomedical research, shadowing, standardized test prep, volunteering.
  • Focus on active preparation rather than recreation.
  • Update your portfolio.
Fall & Winter
  • Correspond with advisors and mentors (including PPHS advisor) about your plans. Gather advice and feedback; form a strategy.
  • Contact writers of evaluation letters to inform them about your application timeline.
  • If you haven’t taken the appropriate standardized exam, consider enrolling in a test prep course.
  • Check in with PPHS administrator.
  • Fill out the application for a committee interview (See Application Year information).
  • Update your portfolio.
  • Research alternative graduate programs, post-baccalaureate programs, and employment related to career interests.
  • Continue shadowing, volunteering, and journaling.
  • Update your portfolio.